Tuscan Beans & Greens Soup

Had a nice workout this afternoon.  Hit the treadmill to warm up for 13 minutes, worked on several of the weight machines, then headed to the track for a 2 mile jog 🙂 

I decided on a quick dinner tonight since I have to work from home.  Tonight is Soup & Sandwich night in the Garner household 🙂  This is mainly because I already had the hubby a small pork loin in the crock pot today, lol!!

So I nibbled on my lovely honeycrisp apple with some peanut butter while I tackled this wonderful soup.

First step is to prep!!  Chopped onion (1/4 to 1/2 onion), chopped the garlic, washed the greens, gathered the goods from the pantry, seasonings out of cabinet (yes I have an entire two door cabinet dedicated to sesonings/vinegars/oils/etc.), okay I think we are ready……..

Onion & Garlic – diced and onion divided…you know the drill, saute in olive oil careful not to burn

Open two can of canellini or great northern beans (drain but reserve some of the liquid) and rinse them.

Add beans, basil, and rosemary (sorry no measurements just sprinkle it on).  Put a couple tablespoons of the liquid in so the beans aren’t too dry and heat.

Next add tomatoes!!

Now we like things a little spicy around here so I used Rotel tomatoes; however, if you are not a fan you can use plain ol diced!  Just one can.

Now you are going to let this heat through, and while that is happening you will start your soup pot.  I know it is crazy to use a saute pan and a pot for one soup meal but trust me on this. 

Put 1 can of chicken broth (or veggie broth if you want it to be vegetarian), 1&1/2 to 2 cups of water, the rest of the chopped onion, and chopped carrots.  Bring to a boil and cook until carrots are cooked.  Add  1/2 of the bean mixture (reserve other 1/2 for leftovers to go with salads or rice).

Now for the star of the soup….Kale!!  I love kale…..kale chips, steamed, sauteed in garlic, in soup, you name it I love kale!!

This is such a beauty:)


Put a couple of big handfuls of kale and spinach in the soup, cook until wilted.

I decided to chop this baby up and add at the last minute….it looked lonely:(

How beautiful is this, I think we have an artist in the family :0

Isn’t that a nice looking (and tasty) soup!

Sorry for the blurred pic.

Now like I said soup and sandwich – pulled pork sammies for the hubster- with the infamous……

 BBQ sauce from the shed.  Every year the hubster and I close out the summer with a lovely anniversary trip to the beach (mainly since that is my fav place).  On our way to Orange Beach we stoppe at a BBQ joint to grab some lunch, prepare yourself!

Wait, sit down if you are standing!  I give you…..THE SHED!

Yes we ate lunch here, and no it is not as bad on the inside as it looks.  Google it and read the story.  It was however some great food.  The hubster loved it so much he purchased some sauce.

Okay dinner is served 🙂 It was really, really tasty!

My lovely dessert….greek yogurt, lemon extract, vanilla protein powder, grape nuts, topped with diced prunes! 

Have you ever visited such a crazy eatery while on vacay?


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