Christmas in October!

What a wonderful way to end the  work day!  Not one but two packages were awaiting my arrival today.  I am not sure who is more excited me or Kohl 🙂 

He was super excited to find out he could help open the box.  I wonder what’s inside?

Box # 1

None other than my wonderful Artisana package that I won in a giveaway from Chelsey over at Clean Eating Chelsey!  Thanks so much for the giveaway Chelsey.  I am so excited to try the coconut & nut butters! Just look at that spread! 🙂

Box #  2

My care package from Crunchmaster, yippee!!  I have at times commented on some posts about how difficult it can be to get good quality products in the area I live.  You see the nearest natural foods store to me is a Whole Foods; however, it is a 30-40 minute drive for me to reach it.  Not very convenient when you have two kids and work full time.  I go as often as I can! 

So I emailed Crunchmaster enquiring about the possibility of other stores that may be in my area that carry or at least could possible carry their products.  I was all ready to go to the manager of a market and request the order.  They were so kind as to provide me with some names of small businesses (that I didn’t know about) with their products, as well as send me a care package!  They are super great at that company!

Now if two packages didn’t surprise me enough……


That is a beautiful sight to me!  The hubster came home with this wonderful bag of okra today 🙂  I LOVE okra! 

It was like Christmas around here.  Just as much excitement with all the new and wonderful goodies.  Yes, I do get this excited over food…haha!

Tonight’s menu obviously had to be altered to include that okra.  I cooked dinner for my neighbors tonight (as mentioned earlier) to help them out with moving into the new house.  Poor guys are running into some last minute issues with finishing it all up 😦

Tiffany loves my stuffed bell peppers.  Now I had to shy away from my usual meat choices and use actual ground beef as opposed to ground turkey, but for those two I would gladly make that swap.

Look at those green soldiers standing at attention!  My little stuffed pepper army. 

A side of roasted red potatoes w/ hummus for dipping and “fried” okra with scrambled egg.  Now you may be wondering why I put scrambled eggs into such a great veggie….

That is just how the hubster likes it, and of course if I want to keep those lovely mugs of coffee coming every morning, I do occasionally have to bribe spoil him as well.  Who am I kidding…with all the cooking and baking I do he is always spoiled! 

But of course so am I 🙂

Who gets spoiled in your house?


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  1. Ahhhh soooo jealous you won that giveaway. Is it sad that coconut butter is on my Christmas list becuase I refuse to spend $13 on a jar?

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