Shopping Spree

What is a girl to do on a Saturday when left all alone?  Duh, Shopping!  The guys went fishing again today, and being the girlie girl that I am I can only handle so much of the outdoorsy stuff.  But of course I can occupy myself just fine 🙂

Started with the bargain store, Deja Vu.  Look at this cute cake plate!  I paid a whole buck eighty for it 🙂

Is that not the cutest little cake stand ever!  It makes me want to give my little sister an Alice N Wonderland B-Day. 

Speaking of b-day’s I am slam full of them in November!  Here is the line up:

  • November 6 – My B-Day 🙂
  • November 14 – Oldest Brother
  • November 15 – Baby Sister
  • November 19 – Hubster
  • November 19  – Parents anniversary

How about that line up!  Needless to say I will be broke for the next two months, with Christmas following close behind.

Okay, so back to shopping.  TJ Max – need I say more!  I scored a bottle of pure-natural Tahitian vanilla extract (how awesome)

My new adorable apron!

It is so cute, it reminds me of a cute summer dress 🙂  Also picked up several long sleeve shirts for workout & work.  Had to get the boys some pants for school and my sister’s b-day gift.  The cutest little polka dotted rob!

After the fun shopping I had to hit the grocery store for much needed groceries.  I also went to the produce stand today and guess what!  My produce stand is starting to carry healthy natural products – I found tahini, miso, nut butters, etc.  I was so excited.  I didn’t get anything at this time since I have a good stock already, but I will be shopping again soon enough! 

This is what boy do to entertain themselves….

Yep, someone usually always gets hurt.  Guess it is Dad this time!!  Dinner was an adventure tonight.  I tried some new things which turned out remarkably well.  It ended up being one of those throw everything into the pan type deals.  Super yummy!!

The sausage is a chicken sausage I found today that has Habanero peppers and Monteray Jack cheese in it.  It was a little spicy but good.  Roasted beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, and okra.  OMG the okra is so good roasted.  I placed them in a bowl, drizzled with EVOO and mixed with some salt & pepper. 

The “goulash” is a mixture of chopped onion, garlic, beet stalks, beet greens, cabbage, kale, mushrooms, and black eyed peas cooked in a little EVOO & Marsala wine.  I sauteed the onion and beet stalks in olive oil first, added in the garlic & mushrooms.  When the garlic was fragrant I sprinkled in a pinch of red pepper flakes and added the greens, kale, and cabbage.  I poured about 1/8 cup of Marsala over the greens to cook down.  The black eyed peas were cooked in a seperate pan and added at the end. 

Look at those wonderful root veggies.  Dinner turned out great to be a “throw together” meal 🙂 

Going to go enjoy some time with my boys tonight and do some reading since I have no money now.  I also ordered the hubster’s b-day/Christmas gift today.  You can imagine the price tag if it is for both celebrations!  Nite all 🙂


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