Crazy – Busy!

This morning started of a little frigid.  It was in the upper 30’s when I woke up!  I was in love 🙂


I started out my morning with toasted apple crunch bread smeared with peanut butter and apple butter.  I also had a cup of coffee to go with it 🙂


Today was my 5K race!  This is the first race that I have ever participated in.  I was a little anxious to say the least. 


And here is the after shot!  I jogged the entire race, woohoo!, and came in just under 30 minutes.  I am very proud of myself for that!  I have only started jogging 2 months ago so I feel this is a great accomplishment 🙂


A little post race re-fuel.  A tiny (and I do mean tiny)  cup of coffee to help me stay warm.  The children were so adorable in the Halloween costumes!  As well as the adults!



I was so ready to eat by the time I made it home!  A great big bowl of oats 🙂


This is my basic creamy oatmeal topped with coconut butter, apple butter, tahini, & cranberries.  I am not a big fan of the Tahini.  I suppose it would be better used in recipes but not as oat topping.



A nice cappuccino to go along with it.  French Vanilla 🙂

I basically cleaned house for the remainder of the day.  I have a new toy!


Rainbow vac!  This is why I was late getting into bed last night.  I won a Rainmate purifier in drawing so they cam to “set it up” for me.  Of course we had to watch the demonstration, which I have seen before.  The hubster decided to buy one!  I really needed a new vac but I wasn’t expecting to pay so much for one!


The hubster came home with a huge bag of greens last night.  He even had the turnip roots to go with them!  I had a nice bowl of turnips, greens, & ham before the nights festivities.


P1000402 P1000403

Look at my two cute kids!  Tonight was Trick or Treat in our town, they were so excited!  My own little Mario & Woody. Kohl was too cute!  Every time someone would say “Hi Woody”, he would answer them with “I’m not Woody, I’m in a costume”…it was too funny!

We have lots of candy (2 buckets full) to go through and sort.   The hubster is watching the world series game tonight, I believe I will go enjoy a miniature special dark chocolate in the spirit of Halloween 🙂 


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