Weekend Recap

Wow, what a weekend!  I feel so out of touch with the world.  You see I no longer have live writer on my computer since the crash.  For some unknown reason I am able to download windows caller, messenger, photo gallery, and mail, but no live writer.  It keep giving me an error 😦 

This is very detrimental to me as my internet connection uploads photos slowly to the wordpress site so it takes me an hour just to get a blog up!  I Hate That!!

I also was in no man’s land over the weekend, which means no internet connection anyway 😦  So this is my official weekend recap. 

Please bare with me as I try to straighten out this computer issue.  I will be posting daily; however, It will be from the previous days adventures since the connection at work is much quicker 🙂

I spent the weekend at my parent’s, which is very rural, and had a little celebration Saturday night for my brother’s 30th b-day.  Now I had all intentions of posting some picks for you guys, but crazy me left the usb plug at home 😦  I will do a picture post later!

Hopefully soon I will be back to normal!

Breakfast on the go both mornings….

Morning 1 – Basic banana oatmeal with peanut butter

Morning 2 -Ezekial raisin bread with peanut butter

So what does one do in no man’s land my parent’s house?  Um, gather things from your dad’s gardent to take back home with you! 

Kale, radishes, and mustard greens!  Super excited about this.  We cooked some of the kale this weekend while at my parent’s along with some veggie soup and grilled hamburgers. 

My brother’s 30th b-day bash was Saturday night.  We met up at a local pub to have a little surprise celebration for him.  I ordered what I though was broiled shrimp, um it was swimming in this lovely buttery fattening italian dressing…yuck!  I also had a sweet potato to go with it.  Believe me it was not picture worthy so no photo! 

Instead I concentrated on photos of the b-day guy and that adorable little son of his!

Last night’s dinner was some pastalaya as we Louisiana folks like to call it!  It is basically a jambalaya with spaghetti pasta as opposed to rice.   Super delish!  With a nice side salad to go along with it!

Well that is my weekend recap…utterly boring!  Today’s eats and treats will be posted tomorrow 😦 

I will survive, I am strong, I am positive 🙂


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