Slumber Party

Have I been a busy little bee? Why yes I have! I decided to be so kind as to give my little sister a birthday party – she is in double digits now after all J


She loves Taylor Swift so we had some photos from the concert sitting about on the table, along with my Glamour Mag that she had the cover feature on J

The big 10! So we had a slumber party JJ

The beautiful “zebra print” birthday cake. Let me just say that I worked for hours on this Friday night. Like til 1:30 in the morning! The topper is a hair bow that she can wear, pretty great idea if I say so myself!

I was very proud of myself for making this cake. It is my first “decorative” cake ever!!

The party was complete with lots of little girls in pajamas J

Dancing and playing with the balloons!

And of course towards the end of the night a little movie time – The Last Song and Letters to Juliet.

Had a blast at the 10-year-old slumber party but so glad it is over!

This morning started off with a lovely bowl of apple cinnamon oats J

Finally it was time to take all those lovely little girls back home to their moms. I love my sister and nieces (plus her friend), but I am so use to boys and the simplicity that comes with them, haha!

I packed a pecan pie Larabar for snack today – love, love, love this one! I received a box of samples the other day and this one is such a winner. Of course pecan pie is one of my favorites J

My mom cooked an awesome lunch today – roast, brown rice, gravy, squash, greens, and cornbread. Unfortunately I forgot my camera in the rush to get the kids loaded into the truck. You know how it goes – trying to make sure that they do not leave anything, then I do!!

Dinner was delish J I enjoyed a chocolate raspberry oatmeal pancakes with homemade Bavarian Whipped Cream! Super delish J

I am going to go catch up on some reading tonight!


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  1. Syndie

    Your pancakes look amazing!! Your cake is gorgeous 🙂

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