Christmas Recap

Wow, Christmas is over!  I can’t believe that it is all behind me now.  I spent days weeks preparing for the big day.  All of the preparation for a few hours…..kind of like your wedding day. 

Well here is a recap of my lovely holiday 🙂

A little decoration…

blog photos 280 blog photos 279

blog photos 281 blog photos 278

Cookies for Santa….

blog photos 284  blog photos 283

blog photos 288 blog photos 285

blog photos 290 blog photos 289

On to Grinch dust and Reindeer food!

blog photos 293 blog photos 292

Make cute little “party bags” 🙂

blog photos 287 blog photos 286

Santa’s delivery 🙂

blog photos 298

Christmas morning – wow, up at 5 a.m…..had to wake up dad, they were to anxious!

blog photos 301 blog photos 300 

Bet they wouldn’t get up that easily for anything else…..certainly not school!

Moving on to the good stuff….presents!

blog photos 303 blog photos 302

blog photos 306 blog photos 305

Here is the rundown…

  • computer
  • play station
  • pillow pets
  • movies
  • saints jerseys
  • gap jackets
  • games
  • puzzles
  • trucks/toys

The boys were very excited about the gifts!

The family with one very uncooperative child 🙂

blog photos 315

A few pics of the night with the hubsters family!

blog photos 353blog photos 319

blog photos 327 blog photos 324

blog photos 346 blog photos 344

Yes, the hubster is opening a gift in a Victoria’s Secret bag!  It was a “together gift” – gift card for a local, lovely restaurant, gift card to Academy, and some lovely slippers from….you guessed it – Victoria’s Secret 🙂

The hubster and I scored several gift cards for eating out…I see several “date nights” in out future 🙂  I am really excited!  We also received gift cards to Academy & JC Penney’s, as well as some cash gifts from my parents. 

The hubster did a wonderful job with my gifts as well…

  • cuddle duds
  • Toms shoes
  • Vera Wang perfume
  • new robe
  • watch for the gym
  • lip gloss, cd, movie, etc.

Now do not fuss at me for the lack of pictures, you see I refuse to be photographed before my teeth are even!  Seriously, we were just to excited about the boys being excited to think of pictures of our gifts. 

I will try harder to get back to more blogging…

Hope all of you guys had a wonderful holiday 🙂



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2 responses to “Christmas Recap

  1. Dana

    It is wonderful to have you back! I am so very happy that you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I recently made your gingerbread loaf. So tasty! I baked them in mini loaf pans and gave them as holiday goodies to the neighbors.

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