what I am loving right now!

Wow what a week.  We have been slam packed with ball games this week.  As well as homework!

I mean really, do you remember having so much homework as a kid.  This makes it super tuff with ball season in full swing.  We usually get home around 4:00 p.m. from work/school.  We have to be on the ball field for practice or games by 5:30.  Hello that is only an hour to do homework.  Cuz you know you gotta drive to the field and all.  It is usually between 7:30-8:00 before we get home.  Just enough time to eat, shower, and hit the bed.  Oh wait we still have to finish homework!

I am voting for no homework during ball season.  Who’s with me?

Needless to say I am really enjoying my quick go to meals here lately.  So here are some pictures of things I am loving right now 🙂

Single Lady Oats – because they just make me smile 🙂

blog photos 873   

Quick but delicious salads

blog photos 815blog photos 818

blog photos 836

Quinoa Pasta – toss in some oil, herbs, and choice of veggies = dinner is ready!

blog photos 877

Pancakes – because who doesn’t love these for dinner??

 blog photos 863

 blog photos 893  

Buckwheat Bakes – need I say more?

blog photos 915

Of course the wonderful world of oats!

blog photos 897

Stuffed french toast – a taste of Europe, at least a girl can dream 🙂

blog photos 794  

Quick snacks to take to games – Granola & my new favorite muffins – recipes found on my recipe page!

blog photos 903blog photos 476

And last but not least – wine.  Every busy mom’s friend!

blog photos 630

The hubster and I had a wonderful date night last night that included a little shopping (for the house) and dinner.  I had a wonderful Portobello mushroom Panini.  I regretfully have no pictures.  We were so excited to have a free night to ourselves that I totally forgot to pack blogging necessities!

Happy Thursday All!!



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14 responses to “what I am loving right now!

  1. Your food pictures just make me soooo hungry!
    Love the pancakes for dinner, totally acceptable 🙂

  2. There is so much good food in this post! I vote no HW during ball season too!! Adam doesn’t have too much homework yet (mostly reading & spelling) – but I hear it will come in 3rd and 4th grade!

    I love that Riesling Relax – too bad we don’t live closer or we could enjoy a glass together!! 🙂

  3. I LOVE IT ALL!!! ❤ The quinoa pasta is a recent obsession and hooray for salad weather returning!!!!! I've missed my crunchy greens all winter! ❤

    Have a fabulous weekend!!! ❤

  4. I love pancakes for dinner!! I agree that homework has increased substantially. I don’t have school-aged kids yet, but when I was teaching I was required to give my 5th graders 90 minutes of homework a night. My FIRST graders had to have a minimum of 30 minutes and 3rd graders 60 minutes (I taught a few different grades :-)) It’s insane!

  5. Those strawberry-coconut pancakes are gorgeous! You’re making me hungry!

    I’m a teacher. I make my kids work HARD all day and then I err on the side of little-to-no homework. It’s so hard to please everyone, though. If I don’t give homework, some people complain. If I do give homework, some people complain. All I know is that if I had children, I’d rather read with them, play with them and talk to them than spend precious time on homework!

  6. Don’t even get me started on homework. Some days I’m lucky to eat. Sounds like your schedule is super packed! I’ve never had quinoa pasta but it looks delicious!

  7. Pancakes for dinner? I hope your boys know how cool their mom is 🙂

  8. yay for date night!!! yummy food in all the pics. i’m all about quick on week nights 🙂

  9. I love breakfast for dinner, and those pancakes look awesome!

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