Confessions of A Blogger Part 2

   112010 035 

I eat lots of breakfast cereal……and not just for breakfast!

112010 036

I have eaten way too many cookies lately

blog photos 931

And too much chocolate (is there such a thing)

112010 030112010 029

I am a Math genius.  Really I am.

End of School Year + Packing Up Work Area + Unwanted Job Change + Baby Shower Host + Two Work Saturdays (back to back) + Upcoming Vacay Prep + Injury = lots – o – stress. 

Now do you see why I am a Math genius have eaten too many cookies and too much chocolate!

112010 037

Did I mention my injury?

Yeah that is from today’s faculty vs. students soft ball game.  This is what happens when you do not wear your ankle brace.  The one you were told you would have to wear anytime you do physical activity.  You were told this  way back in high school, you know back when you blew both ankles out at cheer camp – yeah that was senior year.

I had a great meal post for you guys tonight.  That didn’t happen.  I am currently propped up with ice packs.  I can not flex my foot much less put any kind of weight on my ankle.  

So I am not concerned with cooking.  I am concerned with healing because I have vacation in less than a week, and frankly my much needed vacation takes first priority over cooking!

So hopefully that recipe will make it’s way to the blog soon.  If not send help.  That probably means that I have blown the second ankle from running away from the hubster as he takes the cookies and chocolate from me.   



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6 responses to “Confessions of A Blogger Part 2

  1. Oh no get better soon! Injuries suck!

  2. Oh no! Hope your ankle heals up fast! I would be eating lots of chocolate and cookies with all you have going on too. Stress makes me crave sugar.

  3. Oh gosh, Helen! Sorry about the injury. Rest up! Cookies cure injuries, I hear 🙂

  4. Ah, hope you feel better soon!!! Just keeping eating the chocolate – it heals all, right? 😉

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