Wednesday Already? What I Did!

I am sorry.

I know I have said this before, but I will say it again.  After all I am use to repeating myself multiple times.  Husbands and children have selective hearing!

I didn’t abandon you guys.  Although you may think that I did.  Or you probably feel like I did. 

But I didn’t.  I have been super busy.  Which means that I haven’t really photographed very many of my eats, not to mention that most of my eats have been grab and go.  So today I will share with you not only what I ate, but also what I have done.

Peas and Crayons

So let’s start with eats first shall we.  These are just a few of the pics I snapped over the course of the past four days.  As I have stated super busy so I haven’t been photographing, cooking, etc.  

 112010 134 112010 140     

112010 154112010 161

112010 159112010 141

112010 146

  • cookies – Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies.  I was sent some boxes of enjoy life cookies to review.  I must admit that the double chocolate are my favorite.  I mean did you think other wise.  They remind me of that old fashioned chocolate cookie taste.  The sugar cookies are my second favorite.  They have just the right hint of vanilla.  The boys are loving the chocolate chip.  If  you are a crunchy cookie person, then I recommend giving these a try!
  • The husbster’s Olive Garden leftovers – his sister gave birth to a baby girl Monday.  I unfortunately could not go to the hospital because my little bug was sick, but he was so nice as to bring me his leftovers….what??
  • Tuna salad with fresh oven roasted corn and a splash of lemon juice.  Boring yes but tasty!
  • Seasoned pork loin with mustard BBQ sauce.  I will share this recipe with you guys soon.  It is a burst of wonderful flavors in your mouth 🙂
  • Overnight oats & cherry-berry soft serve parfait…..need I say more!
  • PB & J sandwiches – my go to quick meal.
  • Potatoes, corn, & mushrooms….what?  What on earth am I doing with this.  Check out the What I did section…..

So what have I been doing lately you ask?  After all, it appears that I haven’t really been eating! 

112010 147112010 148

  • Saturday was spent at a belated Father’s Day celebration at my parent’s house.  The kids enjoyed the pool, and we all enjoyed some wonderful boiled crabs!

112010 149112010 152

  • Sunday was spent at church and then we had a little birthday celebration for the boys!  Kohl’s bday is in June & Noah’s is in July, so we pick a day in between and have cake/ice cream for both with the family.  We ended the big birthday parties a couple of years ago.  Sticking with just immediate family makes is easier, more enjoyable, not to mention cheaper!

112010 157112010 162

  • Oh, Sunday evening was spent at my brother/sister-n-laws for dinner and a rug!  She purchased a new rug for her living room and offered to give me her old one.  The colors are spot on for my house.  My living room is the green color, while my kitchen is the golden yellow color.  I also have an open floor plan so the rug helps tie the colors together, and besides who would say no to a free Pottery Barn rug!

 112010 142 112010 143

  • Monday was spent painting!  Now do you understand why I haven’t been blogging…lol! 

I decided it was time to upgrade the boy’s bathroom.  I do not have any before pictures for you but I will give you an idea.  The walls were blue, and I do mean blue.  We had a vinyl shower curtain, one of those mirrors that you have to use the little brackets to hold it to the wall.  You know the frameless mirrors, and it was square in shape.  No decoration what so ever! 

  • Tuesday was spent doing touch ups on the paint, cleaning the bathroom, and shopping for accessories/accent pieces.  So here is the big reveal!

 112010 144

I painted the ceiling Icelandic Blue and the walls are a shade of white called Greek Villa!  It makes the room look so bright and fresh!  I decided to go with a navy shower curtain and rug to add some color.

112010 145 

The new mirror, love it!  We swapped the clear plastic toothbrush holder for a small blue pail with a star imprint on it.  Found the pail in the dollar section at target.

  112010 150 

I absolutely feel in love with this picture when I first saw it weeks ago in our local Hobby Lobby store.  I didn’t purchase it because at the time I didn’t have anywhere to place it in the house.  No matter what the hubster says I am not one to waste money.  So I sadly left it behind.

Yesterday while I was out shopping I needed one more item to hang in the bathroom.  I already had one idea going through my head for the wall decor, I just needed one more piece.  After searching through Target for something to hang on the wall, I decided to purchase something from my favorite home store – Hobby Lobby.  After all I had to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up a little fabric that I needed. 

I went straight to the nautical type decor thinking that I would easily find something there.  After all I have blue/white colors in the room already.  Of course they didn’t have anything that I really wanted, I was trying to stay away from the “theme bathroom”….then the light bulb went off.  I remembered the above wall hanging.  I ran to the front of the store in hopes that they still had it available and guess what?  Yester day all wall decor was 50% off…score!!

112010 156

Now for the most prized and exciting thing of all… 

 112010 153   

There name portraits!  Made by none other than their wonderful momma 🙂

I have had this idea floating around in my head since like April.  No lie!  I have had their initial/name printed on card stock since then.  I printed them while at work one day since the card stock was free and the printer prints a much better quality.  This was very simple to put together.  The best part, you could use any color/fabric. 

112010 155

Here are the steps to follow.  A great DIY project for any room.  The frame is an 11×14 size, of course you can go smaller.  I painted the mat with the same paint used on the ceiling so the blues would match.  Next cut your fabric big enough to glue onto the back of the mat, covering the 8×10 opening.  I used burlap.  Then you center you initial/name print (printed on card stock for stability) on the fabric.  The name print is a 5×7 size.  Glue the print down and place all pieces in the frame.  That’s it.  Now you have a great wall hanging that looks like you paid to have it made professionally! 

So there is our bathroom update.  I am so excited about the room.  I really wanted something that would look like a boys bathroom, but would also look like a guest bathroom as well.  After all, when we have visitors this is the room that they have to use.  Now it is up dated, looks brighter and bigger, and is very tastefully decorated. 

The best part – the price!  We had to purchase all new items for the bathroom – paint, wall decor, mirror, painting materials, shower curtain, rug, and of course the pail…lol!  Total cost of update – 130$$  How many people can say that they have completely updated a bathroom for that price!

Thank you all for allowing me to ramble in all of my excitement today.  It was longer than the norm, but I did have four days to catch up on!

Happy What I Ate Did Wednesday!



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3 responses to “Wednesday Already? What I Did!

  1. What a jam packed post!!! I love the decorating, you did an amazing job!!! That rug is lovely and perfectly matches that room
    Glad to see you back and can’t wait for that pork recipe 🙂

  2. I’m sure you have been eating despite the lack of pictures. I’ve been slacking on cooking lately too. I’m all about relying on leftovers and quick meals. Sometimes life is busy and you have to do what you have to do. I understand 🙂 At least it looks like you’ve been having fun!

  3. That bathroom looks great! I am loving that piece from Hobby Lobby – the colours go perfectly!

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