Ok, sorry I just had to get that out there!  To any and all of my Chicago area readers, I’m  sorry we stomped your butts the game didn’t go so well for you.  Sort of!

I have been a little MIA over the past week.  I wasn’t feeling the best in the world.  Hopefully I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging this week.  I have lot’s-o-things to share with you guys. 

Like the fact that I started a cleansing diet this morning.  No I am not following a purchased cleanse.  I just need to get my eating habits and exercise routine back on track.  I have been a bad girl lately….gasp……I know right.  So I will talk a little about my cleansing this week.  Only a little since it is the basic way most of us cleanse our bodies.

Today’s post will be featuring things I am loving at the moment.  I am only going to share five.  Because you know I could go on and on about things that I love. 

 072011 240  This is the day I had it cut!

  • My new hair cut!

 072011 241

Yep, couldn’t take it any longer.  I had to go fun and funky!  I am thinking I will probably go a little shorted with the back next time.  I am  leaving the front at this length… it!


We had my niece’s baptism this weekend.  I was one of her God parents!  She was so precious in her beautiful dress.

My hair style was very cute this weekend with my outfit for my Goddaughter’s baptism.  Of course you can’t see the dress in this photo so hopefully I will get a better one from the photographer.  It was so circa 1950’s.  I had on a dress with full skirt and a black capelet.  Love the look!

  • Which brings me to my second item….Capelets! 

They are so cute.  I am totally in love with this look this season.  Only one problem.  Finding ones that are reasonably priced!  Now I am not one to splurge very often on clothes, I save that for shoes and purses, but I just may have to splurge for a couple of these.  If anyone is aware of a really cute, reasonably priced capelet, please share 🙂


  • Oxfords – w/ heels

These little babies have been all over the runways during fashion week, oh and all over some fabulous fashion blogs as well.  I will be ordering a pair this weekend thankyouverymuch!

  • Fashion Blogs

These little gems are great!  I read a variety of blogs – food, healthy living, exercise, home decor, etc.  I have fallen in love with searching through fashion blogs.  Many of them can give you similar items to pricey pieces that you love.  Try a google search and hop onto one of the sites….you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can find.

  • Pesto in a jar

Come on you knew I couldn’t list five things without one food item!  This is a lifesaver.  We will be enjoying some of this mixed with some brown rice pasta for dinner tonight.  Very easy to make this into a veggie/meat eater friendly meal.  Place grilled chicken on top for the hubster, mix in some navy beans/chickpeas/cannellini beans for me 🙂

So tell me what are some of the things you are loving at the moment – food related or not!



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8 responses to “FIVE

  1. Yay for clean eating! Can’t wait to hear more about it. And your haircut is adorable!

  2. Missy

    Love the hair! And great outfit! I usually check TJMaxx or Ross for less expensive things like the capelets, yet still are good quality brands.
    Which are your fave fashion blogs/sites? I like The Look For Less and Budget Babe – can you tell I’m cheap? Ha ha!
    Geaux Saints!!!

  3. Your haircut is great!! I always angle mine forward 🙂 I’ve always loved mary janes but have never owned a pair 😦 Good luck getting back on track!

  4. Your hair looks SO Cute! I love it!!!

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