Ballerinas & a winner!

Happy Friday to all of you today.  I can officially say that now since it really is Friday 🙂

I have two things in store for all of you wonderful people today, but first things first.  I know you guys are just dancing in your seat right now.  You know because today is the big reveal.  So who wins the birthday treats………..


16 – Jenny @ Simply Be Me – send me an email with your address information ( and I will get the package out to you 🙂

For the others, I am so sorry you didn’t win a box of my favorites,  but many of you would love to try out the coffee.  Well I have a treat for you as well!  You can get “sample” bags of the coffee at my local grocery, if you would like for me to mail you one send me your address as well…..oh Lauren & Donna – you guys requested gumbo mix, I will get a pack of that out to you as opposed to the coffee if you prefer 🙂

Thanks to you all for entering and reading daily.  You mean so much to me!


Now that the official business is over, let’s get to the fun stuff!

How many of you know anything about ballerinas?  Yeah me neither.  The only thing that I do know is that they are very tall, thin, and extremely pail.  I do not fit into any of those categories.  Maybe I should spend my days inside of a studio so I can fit into the thin category.  I am afraid that I will never be tall, and I am pail without the sun/spray tan….um yeah like giving up being tan is going to happen.  My motto – brown fat looks better than white fat.  At least that is what I tell myself. 

But I do love how ballerinas look in makeup.  Or maybe I should say their “lack there of look”.  Many people refer to this look as natural – too boring.  Some refer to it as doe eyes – yeah mine are small and personally I do not strive to look like an animal…..just sayin!

 072011 324    

But I do love neutral, quick makeup.  It is my go to look for day to day activities such as work, errands, etc.  It is quick, easy, and looks very attractive on any skin tone 🙂

072011 329

**you have to pretend that you do not see all my fine lines/discolorations….I wasn’t always so kind to my skin**

I used my Coastal Scents neutral palette to get this look.  L.O.V.E. this palette!  I use it pretty much daily, and it is very affordable 🙂  I ordered mine from  Amazon, but you can find it on many different sites.  Just google “coastal scents neutral palette” to pull it up!

  1. Prime your eyes ladies – it helps the shadow stick to the lids, prevents creasing, and helps the color last all day.  You do not have to have an expensive primer!
  2. Use your base color all over the lid, up to the brow bone.
  3. Use a second color  a little darker (but not to dark we are doing neutral) to accent your crease line and the outer corner of the eye in a “v” shape.  Be sure to blend for soft lines 🙂
  4. Now use the same color that you used on the crease line to lightly dust some color onto the lower lash line.
  5. Use a highlighting color right below your brow, and in the inner corner of the eye to highlight.
  6. Now for the fun part – tightlining the upper lash line….don’t be intimidated (I wish I could show a video on how to do this for you guys but I can’t….hopefully I can do vlogs one day).  Tightlining is basically adding liner into the upper lashes as opposed to on the lid’s lash line.  You can find many videos on youtube showing this technique.  It makes your lashes look fuller at the base, I used a brown powder liner for this 🙂
  7. Follow up with mascara on upper and lower lashes
  8. Do a light pink color on cheeks and a pinkish nude on lips, top with gloss.

That is it!  Your ballerina look will be complete.  You can chose the shades that fit your skin tone best when doing this look, just follow the steps of application.  Make sure the colors are neutral so you get the right look.  It seems like a lot of steps but totally easy once you try it!

072011 328

072011 324

So play around with the look to see how you like it.  You can experiment with colors as well using the same steps listed above.  Oh and be sure to fill in your brows.  Because every woman looks so much better with pretty brows 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the first ever makeup tutorial on Helen, Naturally.  I am hoping to do more of these, they are fun to put together, but then again I love playing with makeup 🙂



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12 responses to “Ballerinas & a winner!

  1. Get out of town! I’m so excited to try out your favourites! Thanks so much!

    Now, can you just come over and do my make-up? I always try and follow tutorials and can never get it to look the way it should. I am what they call a little make-up challenged 🙂

  2. The natural make up look is always best 🙂

  3. Thank you darlin
    And i love the make up, natural is my fav and i love the tutuorial!!!

  4. You have SUCH pretty eyes!!! I love it!

  5. Oh my goodness…your eyes are mesmerizing. Is it creepy that I stared at them on my screen for a full 30 seconds? So beautiful. I love your “au naturel” look…thanks for the tutorial! (Of course, I can barely put lipstick on straight, so there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to replicate your look…)

  6. Ohhh….I love that look! I do something slightly similar because I love the fresh, bright, natural look. You have gorgeous eyes!

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