Developing a morning/night routine

I am a creature of habit.  It’s true I am.  I would love to say that I am spontaneous and adventurous, that life is always a party around me, and that you never know what your day will have in store if you are my friend.  I can’t say that. 

Truth is the only thing spontaneous about me would be my shopping habits, and even my shopping adventures are planned to an extent. 

Take my shopping adventures this past weekend.  I planned the shopping trip two weeks ago.  Yep, two weeks!!  I planned what stores I would go to.  I planned what time I would leave home.  I planned the order in which I would visit the stores.  The only thing that wasn’t planned?  Some of the items I purchased!

Yeah I am slightly OCD! 


With that being said – I am most certainly a creature of habit.  I love organization, which relates to my beauty routines as well.  We all know that days are just smoother if you have a routine to follow.  Just ask any parent or teacher!

My wonderful blog-friend Stephanie of Love Life Project left a comment on a previous post about setting up a routine to use moisturizers/lotions on a daily basis.  This gave me the idea to write today’s post, thanks so much Stephanie!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to read her blog then head over to her little space in blog land and check it out!!

So here goes……..

First I want to start by telling you to make a small investment of time for a morning/nightly beauty routine, because a well-planned routine can actually save time.  Allow at least 1 hour each morning for a beauty routine, I actually allow myself a little longer than this so I have time for makeup application if I want to glam things up, but at least a good hour will do. Get up early if necessary to allow a good start to the day, you do not want to be rushed.

I will give you a run down on how my routine goes so you can create your own routine that you are comfortable with. 

  • brush teeth
  • shower
  • moisturize body
  • moisturize face
  • apply eye cream
  • get coffee (yes this is essential and usually the hubster brings it to me – I’m a lucky lady 😉 )
  • deodorant
  • apply makeup
  • dry/style hair
  • get dressed
  • perfume or body spray
  • eat breakfast/pack lunches/dress kiddos/scream, yell, and threaten punishment for any playing kids/have a treasure hunt for backpacks/all the other crazy morning activities…..
  • rinse mouth, apply lip stick or gloss
  • jewelry

You do not have to follow my steps, but be sure to include daily moisturizing in you morning routine.  It is really important to take care of our skin as it is our largest organ.  It is also exposed to so mush on a daily basis.  So I am a firm believer in moisturizing daily throughout the day!  I like to use any type of body lotions/creams immediately when I get out of the shower.  Not only do I find it better to apply moisturizer when skin is slightly damp, but it also allows the product to soak into my skin before I put my clothes on.  By the time I finish all the remaining steps in my routine the creams have absorbed 🙂

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Now as for use throughout the day – place a hand lotion next to every sink in your house/office.  Put it in front of the towels you use to dry if you have to.  Just be sure that you notice it so once you dry your hands you apply moisturizer.

Nightly routines are much easier than morning routines.  Or at least it should be.  I allow myself an hour for my nightly routine as well.  Am I crazy?  Heck no!  I have kids, and a full time job.  I need that hour to myself to decompress and relax.  I like to take a nice bath, perhaps a little light reading while in the bathtub, and just take things slow so I can enjoy a full hour of peace and quiet.  Well at least I hope for a full hour of peace and quiet!

  • run a nice hot bath
  • remove eye makeup
  • wash face
  • exfoliate (when needed – once to twice weekly)
  • apply body moisturizer
  • apply face moisturizer
  • apply eye cream
  • apply foot cream/socks (yes I totally do this – key to nice soft feet)
  • take a deep breath and walk out of the dressing area into the chaos of a house filled with males

I apply moisturizers at night immediately after bathing just as I do in the morning.  Your moisturizers do not have to be expensive products, just use whatever you like best. 

072011 365 072011 364

Using moisturizers daily really is all about routine.  You just have to get into the habit of using them.  The best way to develop the habit is to just make it a part of your routine, but place it in the middle.  If you just try to tack on the use of moisturizers to the end of your routine then you will end up forgetting about it, being in a rush, and just plain putting it off.  Place your products where you can see them when you get out of the shower.  It is basically the same as medication, you have to put it in your face to remember it!

Of course if that doesn’t work then you may want to go to extreme measures if you are serious about developing a use of moisturizers.  You may want to do a checklist that hangs on your mirror to check off your steps in the mornings/night, use a post it note, place a comment on your calendar, whatever works for you.  Just put a reminder in a spot that you know you will look at and notice.  

Once the habit of using moisturizers is developed you will have no problems remembering them.  Believe me your skin will feel dry and tight (does that make sense?) if you do not.   

Hope this helps you develop your routine!  Trust me your skin will thank you!  🙂



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9 responses to “Developing a morning/night routine

  1. My skin reminds me to moisturize as soon as I step out the shower. I was blessed with dry skin and it never lets me forget the importance of moisturizer – especially my hands! And I totally do the sock trick 🙂

    Also, thank you for reminding me I forgot to take my vitamins this morning…dang!

  2. Ha ha, those comics are great! I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to morning/night routine. I’ve been using the same moisturizer since 6th grade and within the last few months my skin has been all messed up. I’d hate to think it’s my trusted moisturizer, but it’s the only thing I use on my face!

  3. I am totally gonna do this! I need the eye cream badly. Hehe. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Well, now I feel all special. From this moment on, I will think of this as “my post” on Helen, Naturally. Ha! Wow…an hour…I usually get ready in 20 minutes, including shower. Hmmm…this might explain why I don’t moisturize. Definitely something to think about! Thank you so much!

  5. Traci

    Well, my Mama who is 81 still swears by Oil of Olay and I have just become a faithful user. 🙂

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