I’m A Rebel…

So how many of you went out black Friday shopping this year?  Really – be honest, there is no judging on  Helen, Naturally.  Well unless you are the hubster…..

I went out black Friday shopping.  I pulled into the Wal Mart parking lot at…….wait for it…….8:00 a.m. (gasp) – I know right? 

Yeah I’m a rebel!  Now for those of you that were there at like 8:00 p.m. on Thursday – you’re crazy!  But hey there is no judgment here on Helen, Naturally!

Just to prove my point, I will share with you what I purchased…..


I am the proud owner of a Canon rebel T3 DSLR.  See told you I was a rebel 🙂

The hubster told me to go get it.  I didn’t stick around for him to change his mind.  I drove my little heart out to get to that store.  Only to discover that they only had ONE left!  It was meant to be 🙂

Peas and Crayons

So on this marvelous day (happy WIAW) I will share with you what a rebel eats 🙂

072011 091 112010 297

072011 334

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  • Breakfast – granola pancakes w/ banana & honey
  • Snack – raisins and pecans
  • Lunch – taco soup
  • Snack – banana
  • Dinner – chicken & sausage gumbo

Lot’s of water (and coffee) was consumed with meals throughout the day.  More water than coffee!

I have tons of pictures on my computer already from playing around with my new camera.  I was so excited to get it!

Now head on over to our wonderful hostess’s site Peas and Crayons to tell her thanks for hosting another party 🙂

Tell me what did you buy on black Friday?



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12 responses to “I’m A Rebel…

  1. Oh man, I’m so jealous! I can’t wait until I graduate and get a job so that I can buy a DSLR! Have fun with it!

  2. Awesome! You’ll have so much fun with your new camera – in case you hadn’t already figured that out 🙂

  3. Amanda

    Girl are you silly! I was one of those crazies out Thursday night….lol. I bought a game, a movie, iPod headphones, some pjs from VS and got free slippers, and I think that’s all. Had a great time but I was so tired! Love your new camera!

  4. Gasp! I am so beyond jealous. There are no words. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!

    We don’t have Black Friday in Canada. Well, some of the stores are trying to convince us that we should, but for the most part people aren’t buying it. (Hehe. Buying it.) Honestly, I think I would avoid it! I hate crowds, especially when they’re full of cranky people.

  5. Am I a bad blogger if I say a DSLR is not really high on the list of things I want in my life? I’m kinda okay with not having breathtaking photos. And mostly, I’m kinda cheap, ha ha. I can’t wait to see your photos though!! I worked (at a mall!!) on Black Friday so the only thing I bought was a pair of gloves on my lunch break. It was too crazy in there!

    • No you are not a bad blogger! I truly wanted one for pics of the boys/family, so if I’m honest my pics will probably stay the same. I do not have a light box, nor do I plan on making one 🙂

  6. AWW, you go you fiesty woman! 🙂 I too went shopping but umm cough, not till like noon! 🙂 I am too old to do that whole, way too early o’clock in the morning crowds! 🙂

    But I did buy some clothes, sadly, I HAVE too, you would think with losing over 90 pounds I would LOVE shopping now, ugh, still not really, I mean it is better but just not a huge fan of it but, well, my clothes are just too big and well, I HAD too and like you, Hubby said said ‘GO’ so Traci went! 🙂


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