a new drummer for heaven

I normally do not write a blog post on Sunday’s, I am breaking that for today.  I wasn’t planning to write this post, but it has been in my mind all day.  Now I just have to get through this thing with all of my tears. 

Several months ago I wrote a post about a very dear member of our local community.  Little Tripp Roth.  I am not sure if many of you will remember that post.  He is a baby that was born with “EB”.  We had a fundraiser through our church for him, and after that touching service I wanted to share the story of Tripp with my wonderful blog friends, and I asked you guys to say a prayer for him.

Well I am back again asking for a prayer.  Only this time it is not for him in particular but rather his family.  Little Tripp went to join the angels in heaven yesterday at the age of two years and eight months.  His battle is now over.  He is no longer in pain, and he now gets to play his drum while looking upon the face of Jesus every day.

I would like to keep his mother in prayer.  She is such a strong and brave woman.  I read her blog post last night, which immediately had me crying and in awe.  If you have ever doubted the strength that God can give you then I urge you to read it.  She has a blog totally dedicated to her baby, which is how she would keep the community up to date on his condition.  Courtney Roth’s blog can be found here.

I am saying a prayer that God will give her strength and peace.  She is such a wonderful lady.  I have always said that God chooses the parents of his special needs children very carefully, because not just any person can do the jobs they have to do.  Her story only proves that! 

Rest in peace baby Tripp…..   



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2 responses to “a new drummer for heaven

  1. I’m so sorry for their loss. 😦 I will say a prayer for little Tripp’s family.

  2. I’m so sorry 😦 I’ll be praying for Tripp’s family!

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