Give me your ideas

So I can claim them for my own……bahhahahahahahahahaha……(insert evil laugh, look here)!!

No not really.  I am going to start a series here on Helen, Naturally.  Pretty comical if you ask me.  Which of course involves all of you my trusty, wonderful readers 🙂

blog photos 921 (oats w/ lots of toppings)

It will be known as the “Give me your ideas” series.  Don’t stress too much, I will pay credit where credit is due!  You should be warned that this series can include any and everything food, fashion, beauty, or product related!

So to kick off the series I am starting with…….

072011 090  (blueberry pancakes)


Give me your ideas….for breakfast!!  It can be classics, favorites, something new, self made recipe that you share, etc. 

Requirements are easy:

112010 135 (soft serve pancakes)

  • It has to be something that I can make for breakfast.  (extra points if it is quick and easy for work mornings, lol!)
  • You have to email your response to me if it requires a recipe. 
  • Leave your response in the comment section. 

I will take all of the ideas, place them in a list in no logical order, and work my way down.  I will happily blog about each breakfast as we eat them, if you are a blogger I will attach a link to your blog as well.  If you are a reader, well you will not have a link, but you will be honorably mentioned on the blog 🙂

 112010 253 (peaches and cream oats)

Last but not least…..I will pick a random winner out of each entry for a give away treat.  It will correspond with the topic of the series so for this one you will receive an item that can be used for breakfast.  This will be a surprise!  It could be something to eat or something to use at breafast 🙂

112010 231(breakfast pizza)

Do not worry if your favorite or breakfast idea is one that I have had before.  Sometimes you forget how much you love something until someone reminds you.  Your favorite may be similar to something I have shared  before with one slightly different ingredient, which makes it completely new to me.  If not and you want to share something that I normally have posted on the blog….well by goodness go ahead!  It is a contest after all 🙂

Happy entering, and I can’t wait to try out your breakfast ideas!!


**all of the above can be found under recipes on helen naturally**



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7 responses to “Give me your ideas

  1. ummmm unfortunately you just posted all these amazing breakfast options and I have nothing that can even compare. I eat toast or cereal 🙂 lol but I still do want to try those blueberry pancakes YUM

  2. I love French Toast for breakfast with lots of cinnamon, fruit (blueberries, strawberries, etc.) It’s quick, easy but tastes so decadent and is a nice change from my breakfast regulars. Our 2 1/2 year-old also loves it and it’s great way to get some more protein into his diet 🙂 I usually use one egg and one egg white, add cinnamon and a touch of milk, dip the bread in it and fry it in a pan. I’ve even started adding a sprinkle of chia seeds to give it an additional nutritionally boost.

    Now I want French toast 🙂

  3. fairyhealthylife

    Hmm, I’ve been wanting a savory muffin recipe but I haven’t come up with a recipe yet. Lousiana flavors please!

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