Spread a little love

new camera 036

I am currently obsessed with this stuff.  I do mean obsessed!!

 new camera 032

Quick, the hubster is trying to stage an intervention and we can’t have that!

 new camera 033

Strawberries are just to good.  That is with a little spreaded love! 

new camera 034

What will I do when the season is over?  Well I will move on to blueberries.  Or raspberries.  Or pears.  Or apples.  Heck I am sure that any fruit will do with this wonderful spread.

 new camera 035

Then again who the hell needs fruit with Biscoff?  I know I don’t!  Please don’t hate me for saying that.  I love fruit.  I eat a lot of fruit, but if I was told none was available……

Well just give me the jar and a spoon!!

One lucky reader will win a jar of this wonderful stuff.  Because it is the end of the school. year.  Because I am starting my summer vacation.  Because I want to spread a little love, and this stuff is just that darn good!

So leave me a comment telling me what you are looking forward to most this summer.  That is it.  You will be entered in a chance to win a lovely jar of Biscoff spread!

It is great to be back 🙂



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3 responses to “Spread a little love

  1. That stuff is ah-mazing!!!!! I like the Cookie Butter from TJ’s too, (it’s basically the same thing, and I can never find Biscoff at my grocery stores!)

    I wanna win sommmme!

  2. fairyhealthylife

    It’s great to hear from you again! I love that stuff. I saw they have a crunchy one now. Im looking forward to spending time with both of my girls all summer. I’m sure I’ll be annoyed by July… but still.

  3. I bought this last year when we were in Spokane for the weekend. It was dangerous! But so tasty 🙂 I’m due to have baby #2 this summer so that and having two months off with my son before the baby arrives are definitely on the top of my list for the summer.

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