summer activities

Hi my friends, long time no talk!  I have been super busy over the past week with such fun activities.  It is just to much to keep up with 🙂

new camera 149 new camera 146  

We had a birthday ice cream social for the boys this past weekend.  They were so excited to have a party, and I loved how easy it was to host this one as opposed to the traditional birthday party.  We mainly kept the guest list to immediate family.  I baked some chocolate chip cookies and brownie bites to go along.  Oh and used the kitchen aid ice cream mixer for the ice cream 🙂

new camera 147new camera 148

I have also started a fab workout routine with my friend.  We have started the C25K program (a second go for me).  I have encouraged her to run a 5k with me this fall.  I decided to follow the plan due to the months that have gone by since I have had an actual run.  We are on week 2, and we have also been attending some zumba classes at the gym (she joined my gym, yay!).

And on top of that I have been planning a wine tasting party that I am hosting in my home on Thursday.  Well actually the friend and I have both been planning it.  I can’t wait to show use some of the things we have been working on 🙂

Have a fab week, I will be back soon with party details!



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6 responses to “summer activities

  1. Aww it sounds like you’re having fun with the little ones! 🙂

  2. Ohhhh sounds like you are having a blast, GOOD FOR YOU!

    I am SOOO jealous! Have always wanted to do Zumba but with me knee I have not been able too! ONE day I will be able too, but now, you MUST share details! LOL

    Happy Summer! Love the ice cream social!


  3. I have missed you Helen!! The ice cream social looks like so much fun! I just got my ice cream attachment. It’s the coolest thing! I’m glad you’re doing well! 🙂

  4. I’m so jealous! I’ve been wanting an ice cream maker.

  5. If only I had an ice cream maker. Or a kitchen aid mixer for that matter 🙂

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