MIA – for good reasons

So I am sure some of you noticed that I have been MIA for like a week now.  I know that you know I was in Disney, and you are probably shaking your head about the fact that I haven’t shared any of my adventure with you guys. 

disney 001

I am sorry!  In all honesty we came home last Tuesday to a very hectic week.  That is what happens when you miss three days of work.  Oh and I slightly pulled a muscle in my lower back while on vacay.  Which means that I wasn’t exercising anyway even if the schedule wasn’t so hectic!

disney 240

But we did have a blast in Disney, we did take tons of pics, and yes I will share a few with you now.  Sorry no food pics 😦  I really didn’t eat much differently from the norm.  We had breakfast and dinner in the condo.  So we essentially only treated ourselves to a small lunch and park treat daily.  Usually in the form of ice cream and iced coffees.  For lunch we had taco salad one day, nachos one day, and a turkey sandwich another day.  So basically boring food.  We saved the money for the good stuff like souvenirs and iced coffees, lol!!  🙂

disney 298 disney 002 disney 006 disney 009 disney 020 disney 022 disney 030 disney 035 disney 037 disney 043 disney 047 disney 048 disney 056 disney 059 disney 062 disney 066 disney 069 disney 072 disney 074 disney 077 disney 081 disney 082 disney 086 disney 093 disney 095 disney 098 disney 101 disney 139 disney 140 disney 141 disney 144 disney 145 disney 146 disney 150 disney 152 disney 153 disney 168 disney 174 disney 175 disney 179 disney 182 disney 200 disney 206 disney 213 disney 225 disney 233 disney 266


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  1. Disney is so much fun! I can’t wait until I have kids and can experience it with them. I like that you guys did breakfast and dinner in the condo…makes such a better (and way less expensive!) balance health-wise..park food can be greasy and gross

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