It’s My Birthday!!

That’s right folks, today is my birthday!  Which is why my weekend recap is coming at you today 🙂

We had a lovely birthday weekend to celebrate the occasion.  Complete with date night, friends night, and lot’s of goodies.

But of course we must talk about the most important thing of all…….

 blog photos 005

The Gifts!  I wanted several things from Express so I opted to order a nice little package for the hubster.  Yes we order our own personal gifts.  It is just to hard to buy/surprise each other.  Now don’t frown yet we always do a card/small gift for each other.  So I had a beautiful card this morning and a PJ’s coffee house gift card 🙂

blog photos 009

Love their packaging!  In the box – belt, two necklaces, and a lovely top to go with my Club Monaco leggings.

blog photos 008   blog photos 014 blog photos 017 

blog photos 024

  blog photos 044 blog photos 045

The hubster and I for date night 🙂

blog photos 041

Oh and my own personal little treat to myself – House of Harlow!

Now for the important part – the food!  We went to a lovely restaurant in a small city close to us.  It was fantastic!  So worth the short drive, exceeded my expectations, oh and to make things even better I signed up for their birthday club (thanks to my mom-n-law for the info), and I had a birthday certificate for 24$ emailed to me.  #lovefreefood

blog photos 047

Pomegranate martini and side (um yeah this was totally a dinner size plate) salad!  The dressing is a house specialty, hot pepper jelly vinaigrette.  Phenomenal!!

blog photos 048 blog photos 049

For my entree I went with the stuffed shrimp and grilled asparagus.  Now I knew I would regret this because of the gluten content, but I decided to live dangerously since it was my bday!

 blog photos 050

We were too stuffed by that point for dessert so we skipped it.  Oh and we both came home with a box of food left over.  The hubster went with rib eye steak which was so juicy, tender, and mouthwatering!  Made me wish I had ordered it!

So Saturday night was the big LSU game, which meant fun with friends!  We were all dressed in our purple and gold ready to cheer them on.  Too bad they practically gave the game away in the second half!

 blog photos 051  blog photos 053

The  bestie and I at our friends house before the game!  I had to pose with my wine glass that she bought for me.  I wish I would have thought to take an up close pic of it 😦  It has all things that I love on it like lipstick, shoes, sun glasses, it is pink, and it says Divalicious!  Loved this shirt.  I happened to walk into target about four hours before the game that night and found this hanging on one of the racks they had just rolled out to stock clothing.  It was perfect for game night.  I paired it with my J Brand skinnies, gold jewlery, and some gold sandals 🙂

blog photos 052

Then at halftime I was surprised with a birthday cake!  Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate of course!  My bestie know what I like. 

blog photos 054

My lovely friend even let me use her precious babies 1st  birthday candle! 

Just the girls!

blog photos 064

So it was a funtabulous birthday weekend.  Of course I have had several lovely cards given to me today, along with a few gifts, but I do not have pics of those yet 😦  I will post some tomorrow for a bday update! 



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5 responses to “It’s My Birthday!!

  1. Happy birthday Helen!!! Glad you had a fun birthday weekend! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Helen!!! It sounds like you had fun celebrating! And you got so much cute jewelry!! 🙂

  3. Look at you, you look absolutely gorgeous!!

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