Power of Prayer

Well after yesterday’s bday recap you guys know by now what I ate, no need to rehash it right? 

blog photos 052

Yeah lots of things that are not on the eating plan!  I am having to get myself back on track now after the weekend adventures.  No problem though since eating badly makes me feel so horrible.

But today I want to focus on the main topic.  The election!  I know, I know very delicate territory to put on a blog, but I promise it isn’t one of those types of posts. 

Instead I want to ask you all to pray.  Just pray for our president and our country.  No matter if your guy was the winner or not.  We all have to respect the decision, and try to make the best of it!  I have seen so much negativity over the last several days about this years election.  I think it is time to put some positive on the situation!! 

Which requires prayer.  God has a plan for all of us, for our families, for our lives, and mainly for our country.  Today instead of focusing on the negative let’s focus on the positive!  Thankful that we live in a free country.  Thankful that we have the right to vote.  Thankful that we have the right to pray.  So I ask you to pray for our president that God will lead and guide him through his job over the next four years.  Pray that our country will thrive as best as possible.  If you do nothing just pray! 🙂



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7 responses to “Power of Prayer

  1. Hey, on your birthday, cheating isn’t cheating 😉

    I’m thankful for the right to pray as well!!!

  2. I love this post. All of the negativity was horrible. I’m glad it’s over.

  3. Traci

    I did that yesterday on my way to work for when I opened my FB there was SO much hate so I just prayed! Prayed for EVERYONE that we can just remember their are REAL people out there and that we all need God’s grace and love right now. I prayed for both sides, ALL sides and that we shouldn’t HAVE sides! Great post my dear!

  4. Amen! I’m in SF so everyone was thrilled about the election over here, but the country is so divided that we all have to remember that we have the same interests at heart (a strong, happy nation!)

  5. Your birthday cake looks so good!!!! I’m glad the elections over. It was starting to get too crazy when people on Facebook started threatening each other o_o

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