slumpin & slippin

I have been in a food funk lately.  I have been slumpin and slippin all over the place with my eats lately.  I am starting my day off great with a healthy breakfast, packing a sensible lunch, then…………………


It’s everywhere, on every corner, in my face all the time!  And you guys know how I am about chocolate, especially the dark variety.

So last night I broke out the eat clean diet book in an attempt to give me some sanity in this insane foodie season.  Which I am so happy I did that.  Considering that I started my morning with this……

blog photos

Yep a lovely instagram pic of my fabulous green monsta!  Made with 2% milk (must invest in almond milk for smoothies), frozen banana, frozen spinach, instant coffee granules, and a few tiny drops of stevia.  All blended to perfection 🙂

112010 258

I have enjoyed a few nice salads this week.  But still that chocolate is finding it’s way into my mouth.  I can’t help it I have a weakness!

blog photos 002

Some apples and pecan butter for snacks.  But still that chocolate is finding it’s way into my mouth.  I can’t help it I have a weakness!

blog photos 001

Very sensible dinners of meats and veggies.  Or lasagna made with gluten free pasta.  But still that chocolate is finding it’s way into my mouth.  I can’t help it I have a weakness!

So as you can see we have a pattern here.  Which requires some quick intervention.  Don’t you love how you eat so great for weeks, then one day full of Christmas treats can thrown you into a tailspin with your sweet tooth?  I hate when that happens!


I have also figured out that beans are by no means my friend!  I mean we all know that they cause a little, ahmm….gassiness, but I truly am to the point of not tolerating them.  I have been sporadically adding things back into my diet that was omitted with the paleo plan to see how my body responds to them.  Yeah I has a bean/veggie burger the other night with my salad.  It didn’t go so well.  It has chickpeas and black beans in it.  Along with some quinoa and veggies.  My tummy didn’t like it 😦

So I will totally try to skip on those from here on out.  Stomach pain is not something I want to deal with, so I would rather just not eat it.  Guess that whole eat for your body stuff is doing some good.   I plan to write a post on my experience and thoughts about the paleo diet, how it has affected me, etc.  in the near future.  I have had several people ask me about my insight on this diet.  I really have enjoyed it for the most part, so yes it is something I would recommend, but more on that later 🙂



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4 responses to “slumpin & slippin

  1. I love the idea of adding coffee granules to green monsters! Why have I not tried this before?! thanks for the inspiration, Helen! 🙂

  2. I’ve never tried pecan butter…curious what it’s like. Anything nutbutter with apples is always a win in my book though!

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