My very first…..

Hi guys, how was your Friday?  My day was super busy as usual, but I am so glad to announce a first for Helen, Naturally!

My very first YouTube video…..aka….vlog 🙂

Now I must beg you to paaaleeaassseeee excuse the crazy light that is shining on half of my face, the fact that I touch my face numerours times, the fact that I talk with my hands constantly, how the editing on the video is not the best, and my lovely little country twang, lol! 

I filmed this in my bedroom at my vanity table, hence the light.  I had my lamp on I use when I dress.  It is not as bright as it seems in the video, I know now to turn it off.  I also have my mirror on the table that I use for make up so that is why I touch my face several times because I can see my reflection with it’s oiliness and such 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video, and I would love to hear your feeback!!



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4 responses to “My very first…..

  1. When I click on the video it’s says the video if private and won’t let me watch 😦 Maybe its a setting thing with your account? Or my phone?

  2. I love it! I think you did a really great job for your first vlog.
    P.s. your accent is the cutest!!

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