Two for Tuesday

This is totally how I feel about running some days.  There are times when I hit the sidewalk only because I make myself.  I really do not want to run, but I always know that once I start I will be happy that I did!

Yesterday I ran three miles, then walked three miles for my workout.  It wasn’t planned that way.  I started out saying I will run two for sure possibly three.  I made myself go past my car at that two mile mark (I run around a university campus that is an even two mile loop, hence the reason I pass my car).  I tell you it is tuff to run past your very own car when working out.  I really need to scope out the subdivisions in the area to come up with a path! 

Yep I pushed on past.  Told myself to keep going to 2.5.  Once I made it there I knew I could easily do the three miles I had planned to do 🙂  I wanted to walk the last mile to cool down, and just to enjoy being out in the nice temps we had.  Then I got a call from my bestie that was headed to do a 2 mile walk around the campus so I tagged along with her for another 2 miles 🙂

And while 6 miles may have started out seeming like a pain in the ass it wasn’t, and it will give me a nice ass to boot, lol!!

I sent this to a friend yesterday that I am helping out in the health/fitness department.  One of my besties will be getting married in June and of course she wants to look her best for the big day.  So she asked me about a food plan, and I jumped at the chance to help someone out.  I have given her plans, ideas, suggestions, printouts, you name it.  We were talking about how we both have a sweet tooth, and how we can say no to sweets easily; however, once we do give in and take one cookie off the plate we feel like we have to eat more.  That is how sugar is to a lot of people I know.  I myself can only do desserts and such in moderation when I purchase at a meal, or perhaps a yogurt treat.  I very seldom buy something to make at home for the simple fact that once I take the first bite I will continue to eat a little here and there until it’s gone. 

Which lead us to discussing how we are guilty of using food to cope with boredom and emotions at times.  I know I am guilty of this!  I think a lot of people have this problem without even realizing it.  So when I saw the above quote I knew I had to share it with everyone I know!

What are some of your favorite motivational quotes?



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7 responses to “Two for Tuesday

  1. I definitely feel better AFTER a run, but getting out there isn’t easy! And it’s really hard for me to not turn to the peanut butter jar when I’m stressed!

  2. I always feel so good after a run! Have a great day!

  3. I just wanted to tell you Helen that I am so proud of you Helen, look at how far you have come, a year ago even were you here, were you going those 6 miles? Rock on and thanks for the inspiration while I am yelling at my danm knee on my treadmill! You have no idea what your words may do, even if someone doesn’t always says it–thank you!


    • Aww, thanks for the beautiful words! You are so kind, and I am cheering you on!! I will keep you in prayer for healing on your knee so you can be free if pain 🙂

      • Awww thanks Helen, it is what it is, I am learning to live with it and move on…it didn’t keep me down before, I am not going to let it keep me down now! 🙂

        Rock on Sister, you are doing amazing!!!!! Can’t wait to see what all you can do!!!!


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