Throwback Thursday

I am camped out on my couch okay trying to overcome a yucky virus! I really hate being sick and stomach sick is he worst!!

I currently have some chicken and rice soup in the crockpot in hopes that I will have some sort of appetite this eve for food, but until then I am laying on the couch praying I feel better soon!!

This was the dock of our cabin from our family vacation back in 2010. Now I know that this isn't really that long ago, but as I lay here fighting with my body to feel better I can only think that I would love to be there right now!

Sadly my run is not going to happen today either! I was suppose to run yesterday, but I knew that the sun was going to be shining today so I chose to swap out my rest day. So I went out to eat and have drinks with the bestie last night planning to run today………

Then I woke up sick 😦

So please share with me things you do/eat when your sick to help bounce back!!




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3 responses to “Throwback Thursday

  1. Oh no feel better! I love that Throat Coat tea- it helps stomach aches and sore throats:)

  2. Oh no!!! I drink lots of tea and eat lots of fruit!

  3. Awww hun, hope you feel better soon, stomach ones are the WORST!

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