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The Best Laid Plans…..

I have been carefully planning out my new year. I have our 10 day cleanse ordered, my Slim & Trim ordered to start right after the cleanse, and a list of must have grocery items to get back into the house.

I decided a few weeks back to get my house back on a semi-paleo diet. I say “semi” because we will still have half & half, Greek yogurt, fruits, and oats in the house. My husband and boys would kill me if I took their H&H and fruits away! I prefer to follow this plan due to the elimination of items that are difficult for my digestive system to handle. However, not all of the items eliminated are difficult for us, so we have always added those into our diets regardless. We are not die hard diet plan followers over here.

So I sat down with my trusty meal planner, made a list of items needed, bookmarked some new recipes, pulled out some old recipes, and cleaned/organized my pantry. I definitely have my plan in place to get us back on track!

Then this happened (yes, I know I am late to the party on the whole Joanna Gaines recipe book). My husband purchased this for me as a Christmas gift. I am SO in love with this book. As with every thing she does, the book itself is gorgeous! So I am now sitting here knowing good and well that I will be using this baby a lot!

This recipe collection is right up my families “comfort food” alley! While it does have several recipes in it that I have been making for years, she has so many little tweaks that I will have to try them all her way.

So I have revamped my plan. We will follow a strict paleo plan while on our cleanse, and after that we will follow our personal plan with Sunday dinners from this beautiful cookbook.

Be sure to follow along, I will be posting on Mondays the recipes that I use for our dinners, how easy/difficult they were for me to make, and how my family likes them! The first recipe collection will likely be mid January so we have adequate time to complete our 10 day cleanse after New Year’s Day!


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