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Resolutions or Goals?

Something funny happens with age….the way you view everything changes! I have always been the girl that made new year resolutions. They usually always revolves around the same ones year after year. Lose weight, spend less, lose weight, organize my house, oh and did I say lose weight?

Apparently that is a BIG one still. Over the past few days I have seen/heard so many younger people making that their resolution. Well, I stopped making resolutions several years ago. I know make goals. Attainable goals, ones that are beneficial for my family…..BUT I don’t just make generic goals – I get specific!

For example, instead of saying save money…..I get specific with how I will save and how much. I am not just going to get healthier, I am specific about what I will do to obtain a healthier lifestyle. So here are my 2019 goals:

  • Drink a minimum of 73 oz of water daily but push to get in a gallon.
  • Payoff student loans (just scheduled the final payment)
  • Payoff credit card and car note
  • Eat at least one fruit daily
  • Eat at least one veggie with each meal
  • Get back into running weekly
  • Run/walk a 10K

So far those are the goals I have set, and I am hoping to achieve them by summer – so I can start a new list of goals!

Do you make resolutions or goals? What are some of your goals?


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