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So I am on a quest to plan a spectacular 40th birthday party for the hubster.  I love planning and hosting parties; however, this one is so difficult for me!

It is not that he is a hard man to please with ridiculous expectations.  It is just that I want it to be fabulous!  He has several interests for themes, and I just can’t decide on what to do…….

Here is  a little background.  He is very much the outdoors type.  He loves fishing and hunting deer, of course football, nascar, and he loves his beer.  So here are some of the ideas floating around….

A beer tasting celebration

A 1940’s theme since he is 40

A rustic outdoors birthday party

A tigers football party

So let me also take the time to tell you now that the weekend that the hubster’s party is scheduled for is the LSU vs. Alabama game.  Which is a big deal to us since that is our number one rival.  I can’t plan for another weekend due to his work schedule, so…..I am not sure what to do??

Now your job is to weigh in on this dilemma and tell me what theme you think is the best for a 40th birthday bash!!



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Football is BACK!!

I just thought I would shout that out just in case any one missed the opening weekend, lol!

 blog photos 001    

As many of you know the hubster and I participated in our beloved Saints team’s back to football 5k Saturday morn.  It was an exciting event, and I was so happy to have such a big/important race for our first one together.  The race was sponsored by the Gleason foundation.  If any of you are die hard football fans you know that Steve Gleason was a Saint’s player that was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago.  He was best known for his game winning block of a punt at the end of our first game back in the dome after hurricane Katrina!

blog photos 002

We woke up super early Saturday morning to make our way into the city for the race.  The course started in Champion’s Square, ran through the French Quarter, and ended on the fifty yard line of the Super Dome. 

blog photos 003

We were a hot and sweaty mess afterwards, lol!  It is still well into the 90’s in Louisiana after all.  Which I could totally tell during my run.  Between the heat, humidity, and street conditions (if you have ever been in New Orleans you will understand) I didn’t finish as well as I would have like, but I am still pleased with the results.  I had to stop and walk several times for the above reasons affecting my breathing, feet, and ankles.  My finishing time was 34:10, and the hubster’s was 24:42!  I was very jealous excited for him. 

He has only been running for about three months now, since I asked him to participate in the race with me, and when we started he could barely make it the two miles with me that I normally run around our university’s campus.  As you can tell by now he leaves me in the dust, lol!  I was very happy for him 🙂

blog photos 005

Nothing in New Orleans is complete without a tailgate party!  We stayed in Champion’s Square for several hours after the race to enjoy some beer, food, and music.  Of course we knew this would be going on so we were smart enough to reserve a hotel room for the night and just enjoy our time together.  We ate lots of yummy food, drank a little too much beer, and just had a blast New Orleans style!  Here is to football season 🙂

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Welcome to the fam

Wow it doesn't seem like it has been a week since posting. I have been so super busy this week that time has slipped by. I am in full wedding mode preparing for my friends wedding tomorrow night!!

But I do have something special to share with you guys. If you follow me on Instagram then you know my lovely announcement. If you do not, well you should!

We have a new baby girl in the house! She is such a super spoiled sweet baby 🙂

Introducing our little Zoey!


Now the boys have been begging for a puppy for a while now. I was very skeptical to get one since we have a working household……meaning no one is a stay at home person. Dogs require attention!

Then I was thinking about all of the families that I know with animals that work. The animals are still well cared for. They are happy. They are just as spoiled.


AND well……it is really hard to say no to grandma when she wants to get her grandson what he asks for as far as birthday gifts go! Yep, that's right! He looked at grandma with those big blues of his and said “I want a puppy just like yours”.

So welcome to the family baby girl, we are delighted to have you!


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How can you share just one day?

Happy Wednesday to all of you! I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out what to share today for what I ate Wednesday…….


I have too much to share, lol! I was having a very difficult time tryi g to narrow it down to one day, so I decided to share a random collection of foods with you guys. After all we have been eating such wonderful foods lately it is hard not to share.

Ham, spinach, and tomato on the best chibatta bread I have ever had!

Lots of roasted garlic hummus.

Lots of melon.

Grilled pork chops with potato salad, green salad, and garlic bread.

I told you LOTS of melon, lol!!

Sweet potato and black bean enchilada casserole, cilantro-lime rice (frozen bag from target), and fresh roasted squash.

Greek salad…….should have had dressing put on side! I forgot to ask and it was swimming…….

Pizza below eaten after salad. This was the hubster's Father's Day meal of choice!


Yummy boiled shrimp!! One of my favorite foods……..

With potatoes and fresh French bread. Yes, I have really stepped out of my box with bread lately!!

And……..the best dessert!! Sautéed peaches and blueberries in a little sweet cream butter, topped with one (yes I only had one) small scoop of the new Italian cream cake ice cream from Bluebell. I purchased a small container just to try it, and oh boy am I glad I did…..purchase a small container that is. This stuff is dangerously good!!

Now back to more structured eating, lol!! It is so hard with so much fun summer stuff going on! Remember to pop in at Jenn's to check out more WIAW posts 🙂



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Yogi On The Lake – wordless post


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Sweet Sweet Summertime!

Howdy do to all of you!! I am hoping that your summer is gong as grand as mine. I really do love this time of year, not only because I am out of school, but also because there are so many fun things to do!

We spent Saturday on the lake with friends. They have a poker run every year for a local fire department fundraiser so we enjoyed friends, food, and very fun dancing 🙂

We are soaking in the sun on my new huge lake raft that I am so enjoying this year. One side is flat with a back piece that will lay all the way back with you for sunbathing. The opposite is a circle piece for people sitting up. It has to built in coolers and several cups holders……love it!!

Saturday night was spent on the dance floor…..and running back t the tv room to check on the game… bout dem tigahs!!!!!!!!!

LSU is headed to Omaha again this year, so exciting!!


Sunday the hubster and I spent the day together shopping, and eating a fabulous lunch! We went to a locally owned place in a neighboring town that has all Caribbean inspired foods… good! I enjoyed a shrimp rotis (wrap) that had shrimp, cucumber, tomato, avocado, and a super yummy sauce…..with Caribbean spiced sweet potato fries.

After lunch we went to academy to purchase bicycles for us. I am so excited that we now have bikes to red with the boys. I do not have a pic but I am sure some will be coming up soon since we are taking the camping this week. We leave today for “yogi bear campgrounds” in Pelahatchie MS. It is one of the boys favorite places to visit! Look for a recap post soon 🙂

So as you can see I have been busy with fun activities, spending lots of time with the boys, swimming, biking, and just plain enjoying myself! If only I could live this ah year round, lol! I hope that your summer is going as well as mine, and that man of you are getting out to enjoy all the fun seasonal activities.

The boys sure have with their “home made water slide”!!



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The light…

Well hello all!  It has been a while, a week to be exact.  I didn’t get around to posting last week since I was so super busy with end of the year work stuff!

But the end is very near.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It was very dim last week, but that little light gets brighter and brighter every day.

I have four (counting today) days left until my summer break begins!!  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I am a little happy??  So what have I been up to lately?  Work, work, and more work.  I have also been working on my workouts and where to go from here.  I am still having problems in my hip and outer thigh area on the right side.  I am not sure what is going on, and I am the type of person that hates going to doctors.  I have been told that I need to take ibuprofen daily to help with the inflammation and swelling so I can get back to running, but I hate taking meds.  So I am not taking them.  I have been doing a lot of walking and elliptical workouts for cardio.  I am considering acupuncture to see if maybe that could help??  Until then it will be no running for me 😦

I am really excited about working out this summer since it will be the first time that I will have the ability to go to the gym in the morning.  I tend to like morning workouts better when I have the chance to get them done, and I will be working out more with the hubster!  I am also excited about all of the adventures I have planned this summer.  So far I have a long weekend in Destin, FL with the girls in two weeks for a friends bachelorette party, a cabin trip for the boys in June, possibly a beach trip in July with the boys, and  the hubster and I will be celebrating our anniversary at the beach in St. Augustine, FL.  Of course we will also spend plenty of time taking the boat out on the lake too!

So as you can see I have a lot of things going on, as well as a lot to look forward too!  here is to a fabulous week, here is to summer break, here is to family fun 🙂


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how to get the family to eat healthy

I am going to do something a little different for this WIAW post.  Instead of sharing with you meals from a day, I am going to share with you various things that I eat very often, and talk about how to feed a family while staying healthy!

I very often get questioned about the way I eat.  Usually people are curious about it, but occasionally I get the “why would you want to eat that way” with an attitude.  Followed by “I like food and will eat the way I want to no matter what!”.

blog photos 013

Breakfast has been either oats cooked with egg whites topped with nut butter or cookie dough cereal.  For the boys I make the oatmeal with a little sweetener and really creamy for their tastes.

blog photos 011

To those I usually say that’s fine, I will eat the way I want to eat as well no matter, what and I want to eat clean, healthy foods!  This doesn’t mean that I never have anything with sugar, oils, fats, etc.  I still live life to the fullest!

blog photos 014

Snacks have been a lot of yogurt bowls or luna bar if I am on the go.  My kiddos love yogurt as much as I do.

After that questions I am always asked about how I feed my family.  If I make them eat the same foods that I eat, if I let my children have snacks, and how the hubster feels about my way of eating?

blog photos 010

Dinner over the weekend was taco salad with brown rice & cauliflower – for the boys I wrapped their mix in a tortilla shell.

Yes, I feed my family the same foods that I eat for the most part.  Do I often make something different for them?  Yes and no.  No I do not cook separate meals for us, we all eat the same base foods for our meals, but I do add things like quinoa, millet, hemp seeds, etc. to my meals that are not added to theirs.  If I cook a meal with rice we all eat brown rice.  If I cook pasta we all eat brown rice or wheat pasta.  I usually always have a bread for the hubster/boys because they love bread, I just chose not to eat it. 

blog photos 012

Classic plate in my house – can get fruit in their little bellies by pairing it with favorites such as pancakes/sausages.

My entire family loves veggies for the most part.  Now the boys a little pickier with this.  They have certain veggies they like and ones they do not.  This is usually the case with all kiddos.  I just make sure to cook something that I know they will eat so they have dinner, and on occasion when we have something that I know they will not eat due to spice or strong dislike, then I always have some kid friendly quick foods available for them.

blog photos 018

blog photos 017

Dinner was grilled tilapia, turnip greens, and pasta salad – thanks Farrah for quinoa pasta!  The boys love fish as well.  I give them some pasta mixed with a little butter/coconut oil and a sprinkle of salt & pepper.

Of course the main trick to getting the family to eat healthy is to still cook family favorites with healthier and cleaner ingredients.  I very often take a favorite food and “clean it up” so to speak.  That way the family still gets to eat their foods, and I can stay on the healthy/clean path!  It is a win, win situation 🙂

blog photos 015

A classis example of this would be sloppy joes.  My kiddos and the hubster love sloppy joes.  There is just something about that can that brings them running, but I do not want to serve them sloppy joe mix from a can.  While I have often made my own sloppy joe sauce, one way I get them to eat their favorite meal is by putting a spin on it!

Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes

  • 1 lb. lean ground meat (we use venison)
  • diced onion
  • diced green bell pepper
  • 1 cup beef broth
  • 1/4 cup steak sauce
  • provolone cheese
  • toasted bread w/ coconut oil
  1. place ground meat, diced onions, and diced peppers in a pan brown half way (yep sounds crazy but trust me)
  2. add beef broth and steak sauce to pan, simmer until liquid is gone
  3. spread coconut oil on bread slices and toast in pan
  4. top bread with meat mixture and slice of provolone

Such and easy and tasty dinner that they love!  The meat is flavorful, healthy, and makes for the perfect quick dinner on a busy night.  Throw some Alexia potato puffs in the oven while cooking the meat mixture, and you have a perfect kid friendly meal 🙂

It is small changes like this that make feeding my family healthy meals easy.  I always follow a basic recipe and just substitute the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones. 


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You know that moment when you sit down at night thinking how wonderful your vacation was, but you are also so glad that it is over because your tired?

Yeah I thought you did!

You know that moment when you pass out in bed a couple hours earlier than usual because you are so tired from your week vacation, you could careless that the kids have stuff all over your house?

Yeah I thought you did!

AND… know that moment when the alarm goes off the next morning, you realize that it is now a work day, and you wish that you didn’t have to face reality?

Yeah that is where I am at today!  Why oh why must we go back to school?  I mean it really isn’t fair at this point.  We are exhausted.  We are getting summeritis (yes there is such a thing), and our brain just do not function anymore!! 

Mommy please can I stay home?  For the rest of the school year?  Okay maybe not the rest, I would be willing to go back the last week……..

BUT – reality has set in, we are back to work, and so blessed that we were able to have such a fabulous week off!



  • Monday – errands, cleaning, and such
  • Tuesday – brunch and mani/pedi with girls – port wine night with the bestie (steaks were involved as well)
  • Wednesday – shopping with the bestie, late lunch at Salad Station (the best little place ever!)
  • Thursday – movie with another great friend and her precious babies, easter egg dying at home with kiddos
  • Friday – Date with the hubster, lunch and movie, bday celebration at our house for sis-n-law that night complete with fried fish and gumbo!
  • Saturday – family fun day with shopping, lunch on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants, play time at the park, night of fun with friends
  • Sunday – Crawfish with the family, egg hunt, candy, cake, just plain good times!!



See I told you our week was super busy!  It was such a wonderful week, so blessed with so many great friends and family!  But now we must get back into a routine – which is completely ok with my bank account, lol!

IMG_6843IMG_6842    IMG_6845 IMG_6850 IMG_6854 IMG_6856 IMG_6863


So now the work begins to get back into a routine.  Now would be a good time to admit that I did not work out at all during the break!  Not just because I wanted a week off.  Nope!  I decided to pull/injure my neck/shoulder muscle around Tuesday of last week and couldn’t turn my head at all.  I could only sleep on one side.  It was horrible.  So I didn’t work out because I was concerned with causing more harm, plus it is hard to work out when you are in pain 😦

I also didn’t track my food.  We had a lot of meals out with so much going on so it really wasn’t a priority for me last week.  But I will have to admit it was so nice to not worry about diet and exercise during the break.  I am know ready to tackle both full force again.  I think it was like a clearing of the mind experience 🙂

But now I am ready to tackle things again… at least that is what I am telling myself.  So I have made sure to set a menu that is healthy and filling, that will have plenty of leftovers for lunches, and that will please my health fanatic self as well as my very picky and not so health fanatic family 🙂

  • Monday – left over gumbo for the guys – quinoa and veggies for me
  • Tuesday – sloppy joes for the guys, mama pea’s sloppy josephines for me
  • Wednesday – chicken and veggies (new cooking item coming in so I will surely have to use it and review it for you)
  • Thursday – breakfast for dinner
  • Friday – taco salads / enchiladas (I will let Noah decide if he wants tacos or enchiladas)
  • Saturday – baked ziti w/ salad

If you couldn’t tell I am trying to get more veggies back into my diet by including several vegetarian meals for me during the week.  I use to love to make veggie options, and somehow feel out of the habit a while back.  I think it is time to get some veggie/bean burgers back into my life!

Oh and lets not forget protein.  I mean I can’t be the only person that has a couple dozen boiled eggs sitting in the fridge right?

At least I know we will not starve!

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I am so sorry to leave you guys hanging last week. I truly didn't intend to “fall” out of blog world for a week……but it happens!

You see we had a little bit of fever last week…….spring break fever!! We are on spring break this week, but last week I just felt soooo lazy. Which means I didn't write anything………..

BUT- that also means I am home this week to bring you some wonderful recipes, recaps of our fun adventures, and some exciting news for the family(at least we think it is, lol!)

We started our adventurous week with our local, annual Smokin Blues and BBQ competition! I mean what a way to kick off a week – music, BBQ, friends, and just plain great fun!!

So I will not ave a menu post for you today. I am “winging” it this week sinc we have so many plans, but I will share my wonderful eats with you through out the week. Starting with tonight's dish of grilled Italian sausage, sausage and cheese tortellini, salad, and of course red wine. Oh and dessert! A yummy fruit salad with ginger lime dressing……recipe coming tomorrow!!

Happy Spring Break!!


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