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Fall has arrived,

But truth be told it will be gone soon.  For my long time readers you know in past posts I have often talked of how Louisiana basically has one season……HOT!

We will have a few weeks of actual fall like weather, it will turn hot again, and then we will have a very brief winter before it is…….you guessed it – hot again!

This very bipolar weather doesn’t really give this girl much of an opportunity to have a fall or winter wardrobe.  I basically concentrate more on lighter-outer layers as opposed to sweaters or thick outer wear.  Chances are I will be shedding those sleeves by noon, but my love for fashion makes me drool over the winter options my fellow bloggers and out of state friends/family get to wear.

So in honor of our two weeks of a breeze fall season I wanted to share a few of the pieces I have purchased recently, as well as some that I would LOVE to have if only it was practical for me!





I hope you like some of the pieces I have recently incorporated into my wardrobe, and that they could be an option for you in your fall season.  You can find all of the pieces (and many that are similar) at NORDSTROM!


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A Stitch Fix Win

So most of you guys have been reading the blog long enough to know that I have a monthly subscription to a personal online styling service, Stitchfix!

I love what this service offers.  For those unfamiliar with it, you go to their website, fill out a very detailed style profile, and for a 20$ fee they have a stylist pick 5 items to ship to you at home.  Four of the items are clothing, while one may or may not be jewelry/accessory.  Once your box arrives you get to try on your items in the comfort of your home to decide which items will work for you.  Once your choices are made you go online to check off the items you are keeping, place the items to return in a pre-paid shipping bag, and drop it off.  That simple!  Oh and your 20$ styling fee?……it comes off of the final price of your invoice so you really do not loose money!

I have raved about my love for the service several times already.  This month was great!  It is the first box from the service in which I have kept all five items – giving me the chance to use my savings for purchasing the entire box 🙂

blog photos 005 

I usually always keep the jewelty item that is sent in the box.  I mean let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t like jewelry??  Such a cute and different bracelet.

 blog photos 003 

I was excited to see this top in my fix.  Most of the items I get are usually a little on the “dressier” side.  I was excited to see a more casual piece this month.

blog photos 002

I wasn’t sure when I first saw this shirt if I would like it or not.  Of course once I tried it on it was too adorable.  I love the “lace” detail on the top/back. 

blog photos 004

This one by far was my favorite item in the box.  I love flowing type tops, and I also love things that are different colors.

blog photos 001

This is the one item that I was going to return at first.  The only reason for that was because it was a little too tight on me.  I also know that is because of the weight/inches gained in the past several months, but who wants to spend money on something they aren’t comfortable in?  The only reason I kept it was because sending it back would only save me like 8$$!!  You get a percentage off for keeping all items in the box, so returning this skirt voids the discount making the totally difference on eight bucks.  So I decided to keep it for 8$, and I am sure once my body gets back on track it will fit fine.  It is an awesome skirt after all!

I really loved this pattern on this skirt.  It is totally different than anything that I would normally buy for myself.  Which is one of the main reasons that I love the service.  All of the items I have kept from them are things that I wouldn’t have even tried on much less purchased has I been shopping in a store.  That and they are so different from most things you can find in stores 🙂

This one was a total win!!!


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My Very First Stitch Fix Fail….

Do you guys remember a few weeks ago when I shared with you my love for Stitch Fix? I am sure you do!

I have been using the service for about five months now, and I am totally in love with it.

Sadly this months fix was the first fail for me 😦

It wasn't because I didn't like the items in the box. Oh no! I was in love with the colors and patterns when I opened it. I just wasn't in love with the cut and fit of them…..,,,

Item número uno…..a very pretty skirt. I really loved the color of this skirt. What I didn't like – that it was a high waist skirt. I do not like anything with a high waist. Mainly because of my ridiculous “baby bump” that I still carry around, but also I must confess that I have a piercing which makes items with a high waist uncomfortable when sitting.

Up next was a very cute ikat print dress. It was a wrap dress, I hate wrap dresses :(. I really loved the colors/pattern, but I usually never buy anything that requires it to be tied around me. I will rock a belt with the best of them, but something that ties in a bow… thanks!

Then there was the maxi dress. Same story….awesome chevron print, beautiful colors, horrible cut. The dress was way to big for me, looked like a maternity dress (no offense to my expecting mothers), and was just really unflattering…..see for yourself!

Yep had to wear shirt under it……entire side of bra was showing!

I even tried belting it, and that didn't work either.

Now this little gem was my absolute favorite thing in the box! Until I put it on that is. While it,looks really cute the cut around the arms was just horrible, and if I raised my arms the shirt didn't fail back into place when they were lowered. I had to tug it back down and ain't nobody got time for that!!

The necklace was the only thing in the box that fit right, and in order to not lose my 20$ styling fee I kept it. Normally this little cutie would have went back due to price…..uh…..42$$. Now I do not mind spending money on jewelry, but I would have never purchased this on my own for that price. Since it was the only item in the box that worked it is what I kept.

So out of five boxes this is the first that didn't have any items to fit/keep. I say that is not too bad, but here is looking forward to a better box next time!!

p.s. if you would like to try the service for yourself I would appreciate it if you would use my referral code listed below, thanks so much!!


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Yep, it's that time again! Time for me to make a confession. I have been holding out on some great things!

Now I am not going to put all of them in one post… I will break them into two different posts. Because you know they each have a need for their own!

While imam normally very good at sharing things that are important to me, things that I love, and just random tidbits of info Here, I have fallen slightly behind.

I am in love with some new things lately. Now many of you will know about the first topic at hand. Stitch Fix!!!

Many of you have probably heard of this company by now, it is all over the blog world, but for those of of hat haven't let me share!

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers a curated box of accessibly priced items directly to doors across the United States. Stitch Fix hand picks pieces for each client, to ultimately help them look and feel their best.

So the basics are you join the site, fill out an extensive style profile, and the company will ship clothing items and accessories straight to your doorstep. Now there is a “styling fee” of 20$ that is charged to your card, but the money will be deducted from the total price of the items you decide to keep. Which of course means that I always keep a least be item…..who am I kidding I keep more than one! The items you do not want is placed in a prepaid bag for you to return to the company. Then you simply go online, check off if you are keeping/returning items, the reason why, and any additional comments you want to leave. Then you check out your final purchase. You can choose to have a monthly box shipped to you, or you can go online and schedule a fox as you want them!!

Here are items I have kept so far………..




They even include a style card with each item of suggested ways to wear the items……

So go,check out the website at for more info. I promise you will not be disappointed.

P.S……. Oh and for my lovely friends that read, if you decide to try the service you can use the following code which gives me a referral credit 🙂


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WIAW…hodgepodge of stuff

Hello my lovlies, how is your week going?  Mine, not to shabby I must admit.  I went for a little run yesterday (the first in a week or so), and the wind kicked my butt!!

It was definitely blowing because my pace was between 11-12 (usually have a 10 pace),  and I was so out of breath/exhausted that I stopped at mile two.  Of course the whole not running consistently lately is not helping matters.  So I am going back today!

Peas and Crayons

This week has been a hodgepodge of eats, with some yumminess all combined 🙂

Of course the only form of veggies I have had would be salads (which I love), but I am so ready for spring produce!!

blog photos 086

Breakfast was overnight oats with chia seeds, yogurt, stevia, almond milk, and blueberries.

blog photos 089

Morning snack is my new obsession – sweet potato with strawberry cream cheese laughing cow wedge melted in!  This combination is AH – MA – ZING!!!  Of course the cinnamon cream cheese wedge is yummy as well, and you would think it would be my fav since cinnamon goes with sweet potatoes – not the case.  I love the strawberry 🙂

blog photos 084

Lunch was spinach, apple, pecan salad with warm vinaigrette.  Love. This. Salad.  I simply toast the pecans in a pan on the stove, chop some apple for the mix, and throw in a soft boiled egg.  The dressing in a combination of 2 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp dijon mustard, few drops of stevia – then warm it in the microwave before serving.

Afternoon snack was a Simple protein bar that I didn’t photograph 😦

But dinner was a splurge for sure……..

 blog photos 088    

The yumminess of fried backstrap, homemade gravy, and mashed potatoes!  This is totally a country girl weakness.  Now while there is not much country about me as far as likes/dislikes when it comes to clothing, fashion, outdoors, etc.  I am a sucker for some country food….oh and I do have my little accent as well, lol! 

The hubster was all about frying some backstrap for dinner last night.  So I went along with it.  With every intention of grilling a few pieces for me to go with my salad (which I did eat but un-pictured).  Yeah that was until I pulled the bacon grease (I know you health food diehards are cringing right now) out of the cupboard.  This was used to make a roux for the gravy.  Now let me tell you something – when you caramelize onion in butter (yep cringe again) for 15 minutes, add some bacon grease to the pan with some flour and beef broth…….THE  BEST GRAVY EVER!  I seriously could drink it.  Oh and you must, I mean MUST, use a cast iron skillet!  It is a key component as well.  So now that I have given you all a heart attack by just reading the words on this post – in my defense it was a small portion!  BUT I LOVED EVERY BITE!

p.s. – I had a biscuit too….gasp….

But onto something that will calm you down, make you smile, and get things exciting around here……this came yesterday!

blog photos 087

SIGH…..Sam Edelman wedges and BCBG heels.  I can’t wait for warm weather.  Oh and these are not the only things I have had delivered lately.  I promise a massive shoe haul is coming really soon!!

Now head on over to Jenn’s blog to see what is up with everyone else.  Oh and don’t forget to congratulate her for her little pea in the pod 🙂


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Haul: Workout clothing & Menu

So sorry this post is so late, but we did return back to work today with a very long meeting.  That and I am helping my girlfriend with her health and fitness plan, yay!!

So here is a quick video I recorded yesterday followed by this weeks food plan 🙂

p.s. please keep in mind that this was filmed yesterday.  so when I say today I really mean yesterday, lol!

Menu for this week:

  • Monday – spaghetti per my babies request & salad
  • Tuesday – shrimp creole
  • Wednesday – Hamburgers
  • Thursday – leftovers
  • Friday – girl’s night!!  Makeup/makeover party at the house 🙂


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My very first…..

Hi guys, how was your Friday?  My day was super busy as usual, but I am so glad to announce a first for Helen, Naturally!

My very first YouTube video…..aka….vlog 🙂

Now I must beg you to paaaleeaassseeee excuse the crazy light that is shining on half of my face, the fact that I touch my face numerours times, the fact that I talk with my hands constantly, how the editing on the video is not the best, and my lovely little country twang, lol! 

I filmed this in my bedroom at my vanity table, hence the light.  I had my lamp on I use when I dress.  It is not as bright as it seems in the video, I know now to turn it off.  I also have my mirror on the table that I use for make up so that is why I touch my face several times because I can see my reflection with it’s oiliness and such 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video, and I would love to hear your feeback!!


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Two for Tuesday

I have realized that not only am I slacking in my posting lately, I am also slacking in my content!  When you start a new journey in life it is so easy to get caught up in that area and leave out the rest.

Like with the whole Paleo diet.  I really want to journal (which is basically what a blog is right?) my experience and journey with that plan.  I want to be able to look back and see where changes occurred, how successful something may or may not have been, things that trigger “falling off the wagon” as many people say.  So of course in order to do that one must journal. 

That doesn’t mean that I have to leave out other areas of my life.  After all I have many things that I love, do, experience on a weekly basis.  Like the fact that I have yet to complete week one of my 10K training plan.  I know horrible right?  Now I have been running.  I just never seem to get that third day’s run in every week.  Well ok for the past three weeks anyway.  The first week I had to be at work on the day for run 3 for math night.  The second week was Disney, and the third week was just pure exhaustion )(from Disney), and a minor muscle problem in my lower back.  So naturally I decided to take it easy!

But this week I am determined to get that third day in!  Yesterday was day one, Wednesday is day two, which means Friday will be day three.  Oh and since I really do not have anything on my schedule for Friday – there is NO EXCUSE!!

I will run on Friday.  As a matter of fact I have a reminder in my phone that simply says no excuses, and to really hold myself accountable I will tweet my run.  So hold me to it ladies and gents 🙂

Lani Cashmere Hoodie - Club Monaco Cashmere - Club Monaco

Take two – yeah I did say two for Tuesday didn’t I!  How to add a little color or print (or both) to a work outfit.  I often purchase very versatile pieces of clothing.  Well with the exception of summer and leather leggings………

new camera 144  (wow my hair is so dark!)

Any who I tend to buy things that I can wear out as well as to work.  It all depends on the accessories.  I have a lovely little accessories post here if you would like to read it.  In the photo above (sorry for the quality my photographer was 10) I have on a leopard print dress that I wore last New Years. 

new camera 143

Paired with leggings, ankle boots, red lips it was the perfect outfit for night.  Of course I do not want to only wear it when I go out so I have to play around with things.  I have used the same dress as is with flats for a day out look.  I have paired it with boots for a dinner date, and I have it on today as above in the pic.


With fall here it is so easy to dress up/down anything with jackets/blazers.  I have it paired with a black blazer and heels today (cuz I have a meeting), and to add a little color to the day I added my new purse (more on this later) in a lovely turquoise color 🙂

So you see it is very easy to really change the look with your accessories.  I plan to do more of these type posts since I have several things that are very versatile.  I hope you enjoy the tips/tricks as mush as I do.  I love to read fashion blogs as well, and I am always excited when I pic up a new idea from them 🙂


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madness of an unorganized closet

Do things in your house ever “speak” to you sometimes?  Don’t look at me with that “she’s crazy, what the hell is she talking about” look.  Besides don’t you know that that crazy look gives you wrinkles!

You know what I am talking about.  Day in and day out you walk into the room and there it is.  That loud “scream” of you need to do something with me!  Because you know that after living in it for seven years without really giving it some attention, those rooms will begin to scream…..

It could be your kitchen, you know like when all the storage bowls fall on your head when the cabinet is opened.  Or it could be your bathroom saying please for the love of chocolate quit throwing random things inside drawers/cabinets.  Possibly it is your bedroom with a very sad look saying please show me some decor love as you do with the family room!

Yeah my house says all of those things to me!  One thing at a time house, one thing at a time!!

new camera 199

new camera 203

For me that one room was the closet.  It has screamed at me forever!!  I just never felt like tackling the darn thing, but as fate would have it I had to give in.  Something had to be done…….

Now  while I am blessed with a wonderful walk in, lot’s of room for clothing, and even a space for a vanity (where the vanity actually use to be), the poor thing was so unorganized.  You see we have no storage closets/areas in our home which means everything gets thrown into the closets.  Oh and when I moved in the hubster already had his things where he kept them so I basically worked around it. 

His clothes were hung all around the top racks, mine are on the bottom.   Which makes you feel a little dizzy when you spin around to see what you want to wear.  The shelving area was just a lot of shoes, hats, and various things just thrown on them.  The top shelf housed lot’s of crap, as well as various things we do not use very often so they just end up there!  Oh and let’s not forget about the fact that the laundry baskets are in the middle of the floor so you basically move them around to get to items you need. 

This made me hate the closet that I loved so much when I first laid eyes on it 😦

So we had to do something about that, or else I would go deaf from the screams!  Starting with the hubster, since you know he doesn’t need nearly the space I do!

new camera 205new camera 213

He inherited the back wall.  So his clothes are hanging on the top and bottom racks.  His shoes are lined up along the shelf of the bottom, as well as his hats. 

new camera 201

We also have this one small hanging area that I use to hang dresses on due to the height of the rack.  It is the only area in the closet that allows me to hang longer items without them dragging the floor.  It is also by the area where the vanity should be.  As you can tell in the picture above I had a hod podge of stuff on the shelf.  Those things have been removed and now the shelf is used to hold the hubster’s shorts.  We like to fold our shorts as opposed to hanging. 

new camera 206

You will also notice that I have various cutesy decorative things in the closet.  As you can see here I have a photo, which is of the hubster and I in Jamaica for our wedding/honeymoon, one of my Tiffany & Co boxes, and a little plate from my trip to Hawaii.  Because even that room needs some nostalgia, love, and memories 🙂

new camera 208new camera 212

I moved all of my clothing items, with the exception of the dresses/skirts, over to the left wall again utilizing both the top and bottom racks for my side.  Oh and of course I have the clothes organized by type, length, etc.  I mean you gotta have shirts with shirts and pant with pants right?? 

I used the shelf of the bottom rack to hold more of the hubster’s hats, my hat, and some of my under shirts that I like to keep folded as opposed to hanging.  I normally where tanks under clothing which are hanging, but these little babies are just so tiny and easy to fold!

new camera 209

The top shelf is holding a basket of scarves, two boxes (am I the only that saves  perfume boxes and such for storage??) of scarves, as well as my boat bag.  I just love storing items in pretty boxes and baskets 🙂  Now the items will be moved to a lower shelf once winter rolls around, but for now they enjoy being on top, haha!!  As you can see I have a photo up there as well.  It is a photo of Noah as a toddler.  Because like I said, the closet needs decor love too!

Now the top shelf that goes all the way around the rest of the closet also holds various items.  Like I said we have no storage areas.  So we keep various thing in here.  I have a container for wrapping papers/bags, a few boxes for bigger purchases that need to be kept for a little while, as well as the hubster’s gun cases/guns for hunting.  If you have the same situation in your house with storage may I suggest using cute bags from stores, boxes, baskets, etc.  That way it is cure, decorative, and you can hide just about anything!!

new camera 210new camera 211

Now those crazy shelves that had so much crap on them are now mine!  Yep I booted the hubster out.  The top still holds the BB/pellet guns that the boys shoot with dad.  That was they can be easily reached by dad, yet out of reach for the little kiddos 🙂

Next I have my sweaters, yep that’s all of them.  Come on people I live in Louisiana, we do not need sweaters.  Winter for us would be mostly long sleeved shirts with a blazer/jacket over it.  No need to add multiple or thick layers.  I also have a photo of Kohl as a baby on the shelf, and you see that cute pink bag?  It has my clutches, small bags in it.  This is also the shelf that my purse calls home.  It is better than sitting on a table or counter somewhere.  Then next we have jeans, seperated by style (boot cut, skinny, cropped), and I also put my shorts on this shelf as well.  When winter rolls around the cropped jeans and shorts will trade places with the baskets/boxes of scarves.  And as you can tell the remainder of the shelves are all used for my various shoes.  Some in boxes, some are not.  I place all of my boots along the wall on the floor.  I also have a basket on the floor with my socks in it.  I mean if this is the area that I put my shoes on then this is where I need my socks right?

new camera 207

Now the spot that use to have the vanity now hold laundry and a storage container.  I am planning to trade out the laundry baskets for one of those that has the three area divided to make things a little neater.  The storage container was put in here when the vanity was in here to hold hair appliances and such.  I still use it to hold the same items since I have yet to figure out where to put them. 

new camera 204      

Now I feel better.  The closet is complete!  It is so nice to walk in without crap in the middle of the floor, to see things neatly organized, and not to mention very functional.  I am also in the process of switching out my plastic hangers with huggable ones.  They hold the shape of your clothes better than plastic ones, and they are just more cosmetically appealing.  Finally the darn thing is not screaming at me.  Well except for the fact that I need to get a cure stool as opposed the the little crappy step stool that I use to sit on for my shoes, lol!

So tell me are there areas in your house that still need attention even if you have lived there for years?

What are some of your favorite and functional ways to store items?

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Who needs magazines?

My love for magazine subscriptions began years ago (we will not say how many) in high school.  What girl didn’t have Seventeen magazine come to her in the mail?  I mean it was the best way to pick out dresses for homecoming, prom, hairstyles, and lots more.

I use to be a subscription whore!  There I said it.  I admit it.  There was a point in my life when I had three to four magazine subscriptions monthly. 

As I grew older my covers changed.  I began reading Glamour and Cosmopolitan (which is still my favorite drink by the way).  Then I became addicted to food.  So I decided it was time to give Cooking Light and Bon Appetite a try.  Which I really enjoy by the way. 

Then along came my quest for clean eating and exercise.  With that came subscriptions to Clean Eating Magazine and Oxygen.  You ever want to make yourself feel fat and kill it in the gym because of that…….open an Oxygen mag!

Oh and let’s not forget the free subscription of Better Homes and Gardens that I have been getting for over a year now…..yeah that freeness turned into a subscription.  Needless to say I had to stop.  I was spending way to much money, and let’s face it you can get it all on the net now!

new camera 044

But my love for subscriptions continues.  I am down to just the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but much to the hubsters dismay I started a new subscription!

Birchbox!  What is Birchbox?  It is a subscription that brings you the best in beauty……that is their words!  For ten dollars a month you will get 4-5 beauty samples delivered right to your door.  How fun is that!!  For a product junkie like myself……it is heavenly 🙂

new camera 045

Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 4-5 beauty samples from luxury brands. Each month will include a different mix of product types, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair care. All samples are generously sized, with enough product to allow you to figure out if they’re right for you. You’ll also want to take advantage of, which is packed with all the beauty information and tips you need, including expert interviews, helpful tutorials, and fun videos.

Basically it contains sample sized products every month for you to try out.  The site has a beauty profile that you fill out when you join so the products are tailored to your profile, hand picked, and delivered to your door.  I am so excited about this!  I received my welcome box which has some really cool stuff in it:  Viva La Juicy sample, pink lip gloss sample, designer eye liner (which I can’t wait to try!!), a travel puff to help with the oil and such (this will totally be used), and some fashion tape to help with prevent those oops moments when you are out (no nipples flashing here girls!!)

new camera 049 new camera 046

new camera 047 new camera 048

You also have the option of ordering any of the full sized products from their site, which in return helps you earn member points!  They offer a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plan.  I opted for the yearly.  I tend to do that when available because I hate having to keep up with monthly billing. 

I can’t wait to see what I start getting in my actual sample boxes.  As I stated this was a welcome box so from what I have seen on other sites it was smaller than what you should expect.  There is also a little snack treat included in many of the boxes 🙂 

I will post my monthly boxes on the blog when I receive them with a review of the products used.  What better way to find new things than trying monthly samples, and I love to share with everyone things that I discover and love!  I am in no way being paid to review any of the products I receive.  As stated above this is a subscription so I have actually paid to get the products.

Hopefully you guys will get some good tips/suggestions out of this as well.  If you are interested in possibly starting your own subscription please visit the website through the link above. 

They have a “waiting list” to get the subscriptions, but it is not very long.  I think I had my invitational email within a week or so of joining the list.  I come across this site through another blog.  Which is why I love the blog world!!      


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