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I survived week 1!

Wow what a week it was!  As many of you already know I am participating in Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, and I have just completed week one of the program.  It is an eight week program. So last week I made a little record book of my weight and measurements for the start of the… Continue reading I survived week 1!

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Two for Tuesday

I am in a fabulous mood for some reason today!  I have no clue why, seeing as it is only Tuesday.  I usually do not feel any type of euphoria during the week (unless it is during a break) until say oh Thursday afternoons. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I know… Continue reading Two for Tuesday

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WIAW spring break edition

Have I told you lately that I am on spring break this week?  Oh I have, mmkay.  Well have I told you that I have been cleaning like crazy this week?  Oh I have, mkay.  Well have I told you that I have big plans to bake/cook this week?  I didn’t!  Oh well I do… Continue reading WIAW spring break edition

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That is the word that I will have to use to describe my weekend!  It was fabulous 🙂 I was a bad girl.  I mean a bad, bad girl!!  I didn’t count calories for Saturday or Sunday…..you shall see why!  I didn’t exercise as planned on Friday or Sunday…..you shall see why!  I totally loved… Continue reading Fabulous!

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Green loving machine

Happy hump day everyone!  AHEM….remember we do not mention that “type” of hump in my house, come on you know the story.  Geez what am I going to do with you people!! I am speaking of the lovely party that Jenn hosts for us every week.  I mean how lucky are we to have a… Continue reading Green loving machine

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shrimp and tomato pasta

You know how sometimes you get a certain food item in your head, you start craving it, and you just can’t think of anything else?  Yeah, that happened to me yesterday! For whatever reason I thought of Olive Garden’s shrimp caprese.  I love the shrimp caprese.  I do not like what it does to my… Continue reading shrimp and tomato pasta

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Humbled What I Ate Wednesday

Thanks to all that left wonderful supportive comments on my “new goals” post yesterday.  It is in the moments of reading your comments that I realize how blessed I am to be a part of such a great community, and to have such wonderful friends.  I have made many connections over the past year,  formed… Continue reading Humbled What I Ate Wednesday

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Where’s the Brees?

Happy Friday to me, happy Friday to me, happy Friday and holiday week, happy Friday to me 🙂 No I haven’t lost my mind.  Although many would debate that issue, mainly the hubster.  I like to say he is the one who lost his mind.  I woke up singing the Friday song – keep in… Continue reading Where’s the Brees?