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It’s a mystery!!

I am so thankful for all of the positive feedback I have been getting the past several days over my new position as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. This company is so awesome!

We really are focused on enriching women's lives which I feel is so important. Not only does the company focus on uplifting women, but we also have……

The Mary Kay Foundation
dedicated to ending women's cancers and domestic abuse

Throughout her life, Mary Kay Ash showed others how to live and how to give.
She gave hope to women who lacked opportunity, self-esteem and financial support.

Now her legacy of love lives on through The Mary Kay Foundation,
which she began in 1996. Make a tribute in honor of Mary Kay Ash today.

Our mission is to eliminate cancers affecting women and to end the epidemic of violence against women. Our accomplishments are highlighted in our 2012 Year in Review.

Help now … you can make a difference in the lives of women across the nation.

I have to admit that I was so inspired to join this company even more once I found out about the foundation. The mission above are two issues that are very important to me. I have several cancer survivors in my family, and working in the public schools I often see abuse of mothers which leads often to abuse/neglect of children. I have vowed to donate a portion of all my orders to the foundation in support.

So this week I am having a virtual mystery hostess party. I have participated in these types of parties before in the past, and I promise you they are always fun! It is hilarious how competitive some people can be.

The protocol is simple. For every 20$ spent your name will go into a drawing to be the mystery hostess. You can leave a comment below to let me know that your order has been placed. Want some extra entries? Get your friends/family on board. For every 20$ they purchase, their name will go into the drawing, but leave a comment below telling me you referred them and your name gets additional entry. Want more? For every 35$ you spend you get two entries. Oh and to sweeten the pot even more…..10% of proceeds will be donated to the organization/charity of choice.

The winning hostess will get a Mary Kay Satin Lips set which includes a lip mask for exfoliating and lip balm for moisturizing. This set is perfect for this time of year when our lips take so much abuse from cold temps, wind, and the drying effects of heaters. It is especially perfect for those of us that partipate in outdoor activities such as running! Drawing will be held Friday.

Follow the link below to my personal Mary Kay website

The catalog is available through the website. While you can order directly from my site, I am going to take all orders through email & PayPal. I am going this route so you will not have to pay shipping & handling, only tax. Oh and you will pay my tax rate which is 7%. You will email me your order, I will send you an invoice via paypal, and you will go through paypal to submit payment. If you do not have a paypal account you can send me an email, I will provide you with a phone number, and you can give me your information via phone.

Of course if you have any questions about certain products feel free to email, leave a message, or ask for phone info so we can talk about any products you are interested in. I fell in love with this skin care line (trust me I have tried them all), and I absolutely love the makeup. This is coming from a long standing MAC & makeup forever girl! The shadows are very compatible with the big brands…..not to mention a lot cheaper!

Thanks so much for your participation, and have a blast shopping! Happy entering 🙂



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Throwback Thursday

Quick update for those that are interested – the area schools are now off of lockdown, the shooter was captured yesterday.  He returned to the home to wait for more family members to come back surely with the intention to shoot again.  The police escorted some family members to the home yesterday to gather a few things needed, and upon entering the house they noticed things out of place.  A sweep of the house was immediately ordered, the boy was found hiding under a bed.  The police asked him to show his hands, at that point he pulled the gun out so the officers had to shoot him to disarm him.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment, but thankfully he is now in police custody.

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouraging words over the past two weeks with all of the crazy events that have made my posts somber!  You truly are a great group of readers……

Now for a little throwback time!

So what is up with the whole Care Bears are starting gangs thing lately??  That is just ridiculous………do not make fun or corrupt one of my favorite childhood toys!

But maybe a giveaway will brighten everyone’s day 🙂  In the mix:

  • Essie nail polish
  • Target makeup removing wipes
  • purse size bottle of lotion
  • surprise item

What do you have to do to enter?

  1. Mandatory – leave an inspirational message in the comments that can be shared to brighten up the day!

Additional entries:

  1. follow me on Instagram – leave a comment that you are following
  2. follow me on Twitter – leave a comment that you are following
  3. follow me on Facebook – leave a comment that you are following
  4. subscribe to the blog – leave a comment that you subscribed

Here is to brighter days!!


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April Birchbox

I love it when I get home and have a package waiting for me!  There is just something so exciting about that.  I personally think that is one of the best parts of the Birchbox subscription 🙂

I know it sounds silly, but usually all of the packages we get at the house are for others.  That is because I do a lot of online shopping.  Which means that the packages are usually gifts for either my boys or other family members.

Or I will ocassionally get a lovely little package of food items delivered either from a giveaway or to review.  Which is still great because it is for me, but I always have to share those packages with other…….

But my Birchbox it is all mine!!

new camera 009

This months box did not leave me as excited as last months, but the box still contained some really neat stuff!  I am calling this box my summer box.  I can totally see me using the items while out on the lake this year.  So what was in the box?  Scroll down to find out 🙂

new camera 011

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift – oh how I love Taylor Swift.  I know I am  channeling my inner teenager by saying that but I do!  She is just so darn cute and talented.  I have purchased this item before as a gift so I am familiar with the scent.  It is a fun little scent!  Perfect for summer!

new camera 010

Kahina Giving Beauty facial lotion and argan oil.  The oil can be used on hair or skin, or you can mix it with the lotion for a mega-hydrator – or so the card says. 

new camera 012

Next is Benta Berry exfoliating facial cleanser and Pur Minerals tinted moisturizer with SPF.  I am excited about the tinted moisturizer.  I actually need one of these for those lake days.  Where you need some SPF, and just a hint of color, but no actual make up because, well because you are on the lake :)a

new camera 013    

Lastly a pack of cleansing towelettes.  Perfect to toss into the “boat bag”!  We have a little bar that is on the river that we boat on to the lake, and we usually stop in on our way out for a little night time dancing.  I like to freshen up before going in, you know hanging out on the lake/lake bars all day leaves you feeling kinda funky.  These will be perfect for washing off the days sun screen before dabbing on a little bronzer and hitting the dance floor 🙂

So while nothing in this box is an item I would use on a daily basis, it is a great little stock for my “lake bag”.  Which leaves me with one less thing to do before the summer 🙂


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Who needs magazines?

My love for magazine subscriptions began years ago (we will not say how many) in high school.  What girl didn’t have Seventeen magazine come to her in the mail?  I mean it was the best way to pick out dresses for homecoming, prom, hairstyles, and lots more.

I use to be a subscription whore!  There I said it.  I admit it.  There was a point in my life when I had three to four magazine subscriptions monthly. 

As I grew older my covers changed.  I began reading Glamour and Cosmopolitan (which is still my favorite drink by the way).  Then I became addicted to food.  So I decided it was time to give Cooking Light and Bon Appetite a try.  Which I really enjoy by the way. 

Then along came my quest for clean eating and exercise.  With that came subscriptions to Clean Eating Magazine and Oxygen.  You ever want to make yourself feel fat and kill it in the gym because of that…….open an Oxygen mag!

Oh and let’s not forget the free subscription of Better Homes and Gardens that I have been getting for over a year now…..yeah that freeness turned into a subscription.  Needless to say I had to stop.  I was spending way to much money, and let’s face it you can get it all on the net now!

new camera 044

But my love for subscriptions continues.  I am down to just the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but much to the hubsters dismay I started a new subscription!

Birchbox!  What is Birchbox?  It is a subscription that brings you the best in beauty……that is their words!  For ten dollars a month you will get 4-5 beauty samples delivered right to your door.  How fun is that!!  For a product junkie like myself……it is heavenly 🙂

new camera 045

Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 4-5 beauty samples from luxury brands. Each month will include a different mix of product types, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair care. All samples are generously sized, with enough product to allow you to figure out if they’re right for you. You’ll also want to take advantage of, which is packed with all the beauty information and tips you need, including expert interviews, helpful tutorials, and fun videos.

Basically it contains sample sized products every month for you to try out.  The site has a beauty profile that you fill out when you join so the products are tailored to your profile, hand picked, and delivered to your door.  I am so excited about this!  I received my welcome box which has some really cool stuff in it:  Viva La Juicy sample, pink lip gloss sample, designer eye liner (which I can’t wait to try!!), a travel puff to help with the oil and such (this will totally be used), and some fashion tape to help with prevent those oops moments when you are out (no nipples flashing here girls!!)

new camera 049 new camera 046

new camera 047 new camera 048

You also have the option of ordering any of the full sized products from their site, which in return helps you earn member points!  They offer a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plan.  I opted for the yearly.  I tend to do that when available because I hate having to keep up with monthly billing. 

I can’t wait to see what I start getting in my actual sample boxes.  As I stated this was a welcome box so from what I have seen on other sites it was smaller than what you should expect.  There is also a little snack treat included in many of the boxes 🙂 

I will post my monthly boxes on the blog when I receive them with a review of the products used.  What better way to find new things than trying monthly samples, and I love to share with everyone things that I discover and love!  I am in no way being paid to review any of the products I receive.  As stated above this is a subscription so I have actually paid to get the products.

Hopefully you guys will get some good tips/suggestions out of this as well.  If you are interested in possibly starting your own subscription please visit the website through the link above. 

They have a “waiting list” to get the subscriptions, but it is not very long.  I think I had my invitational email within a week or so of joining the list.  I come across this site through another blog.  Which is why I love the blog world!!      


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makeup routines

I like a little variety in my life.  I just thought I should tell you that in case you haven’t figured it out by now.  That variety plays a part in all things:  food, clothes, drinks, etc.  Variety is also a big part of my makeup routines!

072011 300

You don’t wear the same outfit all week, so why do you stick to the same beauty routine day in and day out?  Think of makeup as a way to change your look to fit your mood or the occasion.  I have to admit that some days I just do not feel like getting dressed.  On those days my “ballerina look” comes in very handy.  Other times I am in a really glam mood, or maybe I have a big night out and decide to really glam things up and go with a smoky eye. 

072011 329 

No matter which look I am striving for, I always like to look pulled together.  I have several friends that often ask about my make up.  It isn’t that I am great at applying the stuff, I am no makeup artist, but I do spend time trying a variety of products, looks, and techniques.  Many times when I talk to someone about makeup application it leads to one thing:  they aren’t using the right tools. 


That’s right ladies, the right tools are essential.  They help give you a great look.  I live by makeup brushes.  If there is one thing that you get from me, let it be that you purchase good quality makeup brushes and USE them!  They do not have to be expensive brushes, just make sure the quality is good 🙂

With the right brushes, a little color, and some practice any lady can learn the tricks of the makeup trade!  Here are three makeup routines from the web that I often give to my friends when they ask for help.  They will always have you looking your best.

Five-Minute Makeup: This is the makeup routine you go for when you’re tight on time and don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed. It’s a low-key look that’s perfect when you’re taking the kids to school, running errands, or going the gym.
— Creamy concealer under eyes to cover dark circles.
— Stick foundation around the nose where there’s redness or tinted moisturizer.
— A coat of brown or black mascara if you’re fair; you can skip this if you have dark lashes.
— Cream blush stick on the apples of cheeks.
— Lip balm or lip gloss.

Ten-Minute Makeup: Ten minutes is all you need to create a polished and pulled-together look that can go from the office to luncheons and daytime events. It’s a full face of makeup, but it’s quick, so you won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.
— Concealer on dark circles instantly brightens your face.
— Foundation all over face.
— Set concealer with sheer face powder for a smooth look that lasts.
— Shape and define brows with eye shadow toned to your natural hair color; use an eye brow brush for the most natural look.
— Light eye shadow all over lid; medium eye shadow on the lower lid; a dark eye shadow for lining; and one to two coats of black mascara.
— Neutral blush layered with a brighter shade of blush for a pop of color.
— Lipstick and gloss.

Twenty-Minute Makeup: Getting dressed up for a special event isn’t about piling on more of your everyday makeup. It’s about picking cooler colors, playing with textures, and adding definition.
— Same concealer, foundation and powder as the ten-minute makeup routine.
— Define brows with eye shadow and/or pencil.
— For easy glamour, try a shimmery eye shadow.
— Smudge a medium eye shadow color in the crease of the lid to contour.
— Line upper and lower lashlines with charcoal or black.
— Two coats of black mascara; if you have a steady hand, try individual false lashes on the outer corners of your upper lash line.
— Dust shimmer on cheeks over your regular blush.
— Lipstick with lip liner for added definition and to keep color from feathering, finished with a layer of gloss. 


Hopefully this post will inspire some of you to experiment with your makeup routines a little more.  You tube has many tutorials on application that you can watch for ideas, and do not be afraid to try a variety of colors.  If you aren’t a color person and prefer neutrals……totally ok!  I wear neutrals most of the time myself, but I have to admit that adding a little color makes things fun 🙂


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October Favorites

Oh how the time flies!  I can’t believe that we are already in November.  Now I have no complaints about it being November, it is my birthday month after all, but I also realize that I am that much closer to Christmas!  I so have to start preparing like now!!

But before I go off on a tangent about shopping and planning for the upcoming holidays, let’s take a look back at October.  Many things happened here on Helen, Naturally, as well as several new purchases that have put a smile on my face and a pep in my step 🙂

Helen, Naturally’s Favorite Posts for October:

072011 337

Helen Naturally’s memorable moments:

  • Blog turned 1!!
  • Blog transition
  • First kindergarten field trip

 072011 356 072011 372

Helen Naturally’s favorite products/purchases:

  • Frye boots (come on you knew they would be top of the list)
  • Maybelline age rewind concealer
  • Mac eye shadow in contrast (love this color – it’s like a midnight/navy blue color)
  • Revlon brow fantasy (usually not big on brow pencils but love the gel that comes with this)

That sums up the month of October here on my lovely, little blog!  It has been a great month, and I am looking forward to November!  It seems so crazy that I haven’t posted new recipes here on my lovely little blog.  I haven’t forgotten about those, and I haven’t lost my love of food/cooking.  I just haven’t been cooking any new items lately.  We have been sticking to some old trusty meals that we all love, as well as a lot of quick meals such as salads/sandwiches.  I should have some new foods coming up this month with all of the holiday’s that are heading our way…….yikes!!

I am also happy to say that I am beginning to get back on track with my water consumption and exercising, but unfortunately the food area is horrible.  I blame Halloween! 

Tell me what are some of your favorites from October?


My birthday is in 5 days, stay tuned to see my gift!!


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