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Drum roll……

So I was thinking that I wouldn’t announce my newest news until next week; however, things have progressed more quickly than I expected.  So I decided to give you guys the news today.  After all it is Friday so great things are destined for today anyway 🙂

I now have a new and additional job as……………

A Mary Kay beauty consultant!

I am really excited about this new chapter of my life.  I have toyed around with the idea of become some type of independent sales consultant for a very long time now.  Just for the perks of a little extra money, but also just for the fun and products I could obtain as well.  I really do like the Mary Kay line, as you know I love makeup and all things girly, so after debating for about a week I decided why not go for it!

I can’t wait to see where this takes me in life.  It is such a great company that really focuses on building each other up, and supporting each other in all areas of life.  Not to mention it is a very Christian based company which is important to me as well.  So if any of you are interested in any of the products, or just would like a little  more information you can either comment below with your email address, or you can email me at  I will have a website and email specifically for my Mary Kay business that I can pass along to anyone interested! 


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My new addiction….

Good morning to all of you!  I am sitting in disbelief this morn at the calendar, realizing that it is almost October!

Where has the year gone?  I can’t believe that we are already in the holiday season…….because yes, October starts that season!  It is literally one holiday after another for the next 5 months.  What does this mean?  Lots of food, family time, and fun…..uh the food is the problem here, lol!

  blog photos 007 

BUT…….I have a new food addiction.  It is a good one to have, I promise!  I came home a couple of weeks (yes it has taken weeks to get this up) ago to a lovely little box just for me.  Might I mention with way more items in it than I expected!

 blog photos 008

Clark from Quest Nutrition was so kind to send me a box of there goodies to try out.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened that box up……practicing for this holiday season you see….with so many goodies to try in one box, I couldn’t decide which one to go with first!  Oh and the kid in me of course came out and wanted to try them all at once.

 blog photos 010

But I was able to control myself a little.  I picked up one bar, tore into that package, and just chomped a big chunk out of it.  I was in love at first bite!  From that moment on I would enjoy one of my lovely little bars each afternoon before my workout time. 

They are perfect for on the go.  The protein will keep you full for hours!  I would eat one around 3:00 (about an hour before my workout), and when our usual dinner time at 6:00 rolled around I still felt full!  Makes for a really great breakfast with your coffee on those mornings that you are running out the door…..and the list of flavors they offer is amazing!

  • vanilla almond crunch
  • chocolate peanut butter
  • apple pie
  • cinnamon roll
  • chocolate brownie
  • strawberry cheesecake
  • mixed berry bliss
  • coconut cashew
  • peanut butter supreme
  • lemon cream pie
  • peanut butter & jelly
  • banana nut muffin
  • chocolate chip cookie dough

Not a shabby list if I say so myself!  All of the flavors were so yummy.  I seriously didn’t have one bar that I disliked.  Now I have to be honest and say that some I totally loved over the others, but I would gladly purchase any of the flavors they have.  My favorite was absolutely the coconut cashew & chocolate chip cookie dough.  You guys know this girl loves some coconut and chocolate chip cookies!

They also sent me some of their peanut butter cups from the cravings line, as well as the pasta to try.  I have to honestly say that I prefer a bar over the cups any day.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try the pasta yet.  We haven’t had any pasta in our dinners lately, but as soon as I try it I will let you guys know what I think about it!

So thanks Clark for the bars, I have really enjoyed all of them, and I look forward to future variations 🙂


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Life changing?……

Such a loaded question wouldn't you agree? What makes something life changing to you?

For myself many things can be life changing. Even the smallest, simplest of things can be considered life changing. So today I am going to share something with you that I consider life changing!!

The lovely little product above is something I stumbled across because of a friend selling it. I was very skeptical of the claims. Until I tried it!

Nerium is basically an age defying serum that was stumbled upon through research for cancer treatments. It contains the Nerium plant which is wonderful for so many things. I could go on and on about. The science and research behind it, but I will not go into that the blog. I do however hope that you guys will go the the website listed below and read up on the product for yourselves!

So back to my story – my friend is selling the product and wanted me to try it. I will admit I was very skeptical. Do you know how much money I have wasted on face products????

Well I finally gave on and tried it. Guess what? I really like and can see a change! I will share some pics with you only if your promise not to LSU and ridicule my horrible, no make up, end of school year face!



You see Nerium is used for fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots, discolorations, acne, etc. So I tried it for a week and a half. Took the after pics and was shocked to see the difference a week and a half made!!

I absolutely love this product! So much so that I am now wanting to start selling it as well. The product cost 110$ for a bottle, or you can sign up as a preferred customer and it will be shipped to you automatically every month for 80$ plus tax/s&h.

Now I now this sounds like a lot of money, and believe me I know it is. However, it replaces all serums, creams, eye creams, etc used. So if I add up how much I send on severs products for a nighttime routine then it is the same.

You simply was your face at night, and then you apply the Nerium. While skin is still damp, let it dry, go to sleep. That easy! When you wake up in the morn you wash the areas that the Nerium was applied, apply your daily moisturizer, with SPF please, and go about your day.

Your skin will feel slightly tight after it dries, and it has a funkyish smell, but I promise you get use to it!

So if you are interested in the product please visit my site listed below. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered as well. You can basically use the bottle and send it back empty for a refund if you are not satisfied with resu,to, who can beat that?

Please let me know via email [] if you are interested in trying the product so I can get you set up with your order.

Beautiful skin lasts a lifetime and is a wise investment!!


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Throwback Thursday

Quick update for those that are interested – the area schools are now off of lockdown, the shooter was captured yesterday.  He returned to the home to wait for more family members to come back surely with the intention to shoot again.  The police escorted some family members to the home yesterday to gather a few things needed, and upon entering the house they noticed things out of place.  A sweep of the house was immediately ordered, the boy was found hiding under a bed.  The police asked him to show his hands, at that point he pulled the gun out so the officers had to shoot him to disarm him.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment, but thankfully he is now in police custody.

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouraging words over the past two weeks with all of the crazy events that have made my posts somber!  You truly are a great group of readers……

Now for a little throwback time!

So what is up with the whole Care Bears are starting gangs thing lately??  That is just ridiculous………do not make fun or corrupt one of my favorite childhood toys!

But maybe a giveaway will brighten everyone’s day 🙂  In the mix:

  • Essie nail polish
  • Target makeup removing wipes
  • purse size bottle of lotion
  • surprise item

What do you have to do to enter?

  1. Mandatory – leave an inspirational message in the comments that can be shared to brighten up the day!

Additional entries:

  1. follow me on Instagram – leave a comment that you are following
  2. follow me on Twitter – leave a comment that you are following
  3. follow me on Facebook – leave a comment that you are following
  4. subscribe to the blog – leave a comment that you subscribed

Here is to brighter days!!


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Monday Morning Blues

Where did my weekend go?  I mean really, blew in and out so quickly I promise I missed it!  I say I need a do over again… know since I really didn’t have one.

We had such a super busy weekend that I am so depressed that it is Monday already.  I spent the entire day Saturday cleaning in my house.  Or should I say cleaning in the two boys’ rooms.  While Sunday was spent at a birthday party and finishing said rooms.

We decided to convert the “play room” into a guest room since the boys only go in there for the Wii.  They are usually in their bedroom with the Xbox or toys.  Even though the toy box was in the play room, they would still pack them across to their bedroom.  So now the only thing left his the one game system.  Which I wanted to move to their room as well until Kohl convinced me to leave it in the guest room.  You know in case one wanted to play the Wii while the other plays Xbox.  Even though they rarely play separate games!

So what am I going to do with the guest room?  It is undecided yet.  We are basically using it for the hubster’s hunting/fishing gear… know storage.  We just threw a bed in to call it a guest room.  So I will do an update once I actually figure it all out.

 blog photos 113           

But my weekend did start great!  When I came home on Friday I had a lovely little box waiting for me from a wonderful blogger that has become not only an inspiration to me, but also a confidant and friend 🙂

blog photos 114

Farrah from over at Fairy Healthy Life had a give away on her blog that I won, which contained all of her favorites in it.  Just look at all of the goodies!  I was so super excited to open the box….and so super excited when I saw what was inside!!

blog photos 125

She of course included this adorable card inside with a personal message written in it.  I just love to get cards with personal messages, and yes I do say that the frogs are the two of us “stuck together” as friends, hehe!!

blog photos 122blog photos 121

In the box was some nutritious and very sustaining foods for me to enjoy 🙂  I have already made some of the tabouli, which is also today’s lunch, and will have the pasta later this week for dinner.  I loved the tabouli!  I is so super easy to throw together with other ingredient for a quick and very great meal.  Last night (as well as today) I have it mixed with some cannellini beans, lettuce, and a lovely Tuscan herb dressing to go with it.  Quick salad and so filling!

blog photos 118blog photos 120

Next up she added some spice in the mix!  I love things that have big,  bold flavors and spice.  I had some of the hot sauce with my salad mix last night, and plan to start using it in many meals to come.  As for the chipotle cubes……so excited to try this!  I haven’t seen these in our grocery stores so I was very intrigued by them.  I am thinking maybe a good chili???  I don’t know what do you guys think?

blog photos 117blog photos 116

A few snacks to keep me sane 🙂  I loved the sesame seed nuggets.  They were perfect to throw into my purse for a quick and easy snack while out shopping for a new sheets/blanket for the boys’ bed on Saturday.  As for the candies……she knows me all to well!  Haha….okay I can’t take credit for that since they were included in the giveaway, but I do love any and all things coffee 🙂

blog photos 119

This I can’t wait to try!  I placed it immediately in the fridge after snapping a quick pic.  I have decided to have some this afternoon after my run.  I thought that would be a great treat after a good run 🙂 

blog photos 123blog photos 124

It was a nice surprise to see this adorable little note pad in the box.  It is perfect for my purse!  I always search for paper when I am out in public to write on, and I have been saying for a while now that I needed to get a little notepad for my purse.  How adorable is this?  Oh and it is about having a cocktail…..see I told you guys she knew me well!!

blog photos 115

Now as if all of the other things weren’t enough already, Farah baked me some of her protein cookies so I would have a little treat with my package.  I mean big treat!  Two zip locks of cookies!  They are so, so yummy.  I immediately had one for my afternoon snack with my iced coffee.  If you follow me on instagram then you would have seen the pic.  I feel in love with these cookies at first bite!  So much so that I immediately went to her blog to look for the recipe so I could make more at home.  I have to admit these babies have been my go to snack in between meals!

So I would like to say THANK YOU to Farrah for such a wonderful box of goodies, and especially for all of the personal touches that she added to the box.  It was such a wonderful treat.  I have come to really cherish her friendship and guidance the past couple of years, and I truly hope to one day meet her and hang out!  She has such an adorable little family, is such an inspiration in fitness, and is becoming the queen of yoga.  Head over to her blog and check her out!


Now for this weeks menu plan

  • Monday – enchiladas………….Mama Peas sweet potato, black bean enchiladas!!!!!!
  • Tuesday – backstrap and baked potato.  Hubster request….that and trying the new oven, will have review on it soon!
  • Wednesday – white beans, rice, and cornbread……just so I can eat some of that hot sauce!
  • Thursday – meatballs and marinara with my lovely pasta!!
  • Friday – leftovers
  • Saturday – eating out most likely
  • Sunday – RIVER DAY – can you tell I’m excited, haha!!

Now as for the workouts this week

  • 3 mile run
  • legs and cardio of choice at gym
  • 4 mile run
  • arms and cardio of choice at gym
  • 2 mile run
  • at home work out, maybe quick run???
  • rest day

I really need to get more consistent with my workouts so I was thinking if I started listing them on blog I would be more likely to follow the plan.  You know how it is, if it is written down it will get done 🙂

Now I am off to work and plan all the house updates I need to plan.  Now I just need to win a lottery to fund said house updates, lol! 

Have a great week!!!


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Gadgets and such…..

So it is another hot day here at work for me 😦  Such a horrible way to start a week, hopefully fingers crossed they will have someone out here today to fix the air conditioning (or so we are told)!

On the bright side I only have a three day work week.  I have a conference in Baton Rouge on Thursday & Friday for my continuing education units.  I am hoping to attend some really great seminars this year!

The weekend was pretty busy for me, but it was a fun and exciting one!  Friday night I made the dreaded big grocery trip.  It is always a daunting task considering that I spend a minimum of two hours in a store!  I know it sounds crazy, but I have to shop for the month since that is how my payroll is issued.  The short version is that I stock the pantry/fridge with all things needed for a month, then make weekly trips for produce & dairy.

blog photos 1054

Saturday the boys had to go have the annual flu shots (they were not happy), and then the hubster and I headed in to Baton Rouge to attend a sales presentation for a membership to Direct Buy.  While they made it sound fabulous, it wasn’t $5,000.00 worth of fabulous!  But on the bright side we did get a free 7” nova tablet and 2 $100 dollar restaurant cards 🙂

Free food and free technology (even if it is remanufactured) I’ll take it!  Of course the tables doesn’t seem very functional for me, but the boys really enjoy playing games on it.  The fact that it will keep then occupied when needed is worth it!

blog photos 1053

Saturday night was spent with friends to watch the LSU game, and then a night out on the town.  The plan was to attend an event known as party in the pasture (hence the boots), but it was totally dead this year.  Not what it use to be, so we left and went to a local  pub.  Now I must tell you that I think I have an ID on one of the culprits with my dietary issues.  Gluten!  I wasn’t planning on drinking since I am trying out the paleo diet to help determine some of my digestive issues.  Well I found gluten free beer in our local store and guess what?  No bloating!

I would normally weigh 3-4 lbs. more a morning after drinking from being bloated/water retention, etc.  Not this time.  I stepped on the scale Sunday morn and weighed the same as I did Saturday 🙂

Sunday was spent running several errands in town.  I had to search to find uniform pants for the boys since cooler weather is right around the corner.  I had to go to four different stores before I could find a pair.  Then my adventures led me to Best Buy, which then led me to the AT&T store.  Temptation was too much, I had to upgrade to the iPhone 4s!

blog photos 1055  

Now that may not be a big deal to some since the 5 just came out and is all the rave, but to a girl that was still packing the original iPhone 3, it is moving way up!  I am the type of person to hold on to a phone until I just absolutely have to upgrade.  My old phone was starting to lock up on me, the power button wasn’t working, and the phone would freeze on a screen leaving me unable to use the phone until someone called.  I have spent several afternoons waiting for the hubster to get home just to call my phone.  I think you will agree that it was time for a new one!

The rest of the afternoon was spent with food prep/cooking for the week.  I have started doing this recently, which is saving lots of time during the week.  I will have a more in detail post on this tomorrow.  Have a happy Monday, oh and remember to keep your fingers crossed for my air conditioner!!

What fun things did you do this weekend?

How often do you upgrade your phone?   Do you have to have the current technology devices when they are released?


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April Birchbox

I love it when I get home and have a package waiting for me!  There is just something so exciting about that.  I personally think that is one of the best parts of the Birchbox subscription 🙂

I know it sounds silly, but usually all of the packages we get at the house are for others.  That is because I do a lot of online shopping.  Which means that the packages are usually gifts for either my boys or other family members.

Or I will ocassionally get a lovely little package of food items delivered either from a giveaway or to review.  Which is still great because it is for me, but I always have to share those packages with other…….

But my Birchbox it is all mine!!

new camera 009

This months box did not leave me as excited as last months, but the box still contained some really neat stuff!  I am calling this box my summer box.  I can totally see me using the items while out on the lake this year.  So what was in the box?  Scroll down to find out 🙂

new camera 011

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift – oh how I love Taylor Swift.  I know I am  channeling my inner teenager by saying that but I do!  She is just so darn cute and talented.  I have purchased this item before as a gift so I am familiar with the scent.  It is a fun little scent!  Perfect for summer!

new camera 010

Kahina Giving Beauty facial lotion and argan oil.  The oil can be used on hair or skin, or you can mix it with the lotion for a mega-hydrator – or so the card says. 

new camera 012

Next is Benta Berry exfoliating facial cleanser and Pur Minerals tinted moisturizer with SPF.  I am excited about the tinted moisturizer.  I actually need one of these for those lake days.  Where you need some SPF, and just a hint of color, but no actual make up because, well because you are on the lake :)a

new camera 013    

Lastly a pack of cleansing towelettes.  Perfect to toss into the “boat bag”!  We have a little bar that is on the river that we boat on to the lake, and we usually stop in on our way out for a little night time dancing.  I like to freshen up before going in, you know hanging out on the lake/lake bars all day leaves you feeling kinda funky.  These will be perfect for washing off the days sun screen before dabbing on a little bronzer and hitting the dance floor 🙂

So while nothing in this box is an item I would use on a daily basis, it is a great little stock for my “lake bag”.  Which leaves me with one less thing to do before the summer 🙂


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Winner, winner!!

No I am not serving you a chicken dinner……

But I wouldn’t be opposed to you serving me one.  Preferably a fried chicken dinner.  I love fried chicken.  Who doesn’t love fried chicken?  Unfortunately fried chicken does not like my thighs, which is why I eat it on a rare occasion much to the hubster’s dismay 😦

A lot of things are done/made at my house much to the hubster’s dismay….bahahahahaha!!  It’s pretty comical actually 🙂

Last night I made him a wonderful (wonderfully unhealthy) meal.  We had enchiladas.  Like real enchiladas.  Have you ever had authentic enchiladas?  OMG they are to die for!!  So I made a semi-real enchilada.  What do I mean by that?  Well true enchilada sauce doesn’t come from a can – mine did!  Oh and true enchiladas are loaded with cheese – mine where!  Also when you make an authentic one you first “fry” the corn tortilla in a little oil (canola) to soften the shell, then you dip it into the sauce, fill with seasoned ground beef (venison in my case), top with cheese, roll em up and place in baking dish – I did!!  Then you pour the remaining sauce over the top, top with even more cheese, then let them  bake away – I did! 

So as you can see totally semi-real enchiladas.  To top it off he wanted some “mexican rice”.  That means that I use white rice.  I normally do not do this, but I needed a quicker cooking rice.  We all know that brown rice doesn’t cook quickly.  We all know that we occasionally have to grant the hubster’s wishes (I am still working on knowing this so give me a break), which means I caved.  I used white rice.  My thighs are hating me today 😦

But all  of that is totally off topic.  It has nothing to do with today’s post!  Or maybe it is just a little tease about tomorrow’s post????

Back to today’s post.  The winner of my “give me your breakfast ideas” give away is……..


Wait for it……….


Wait for it……..


Farrah!  Yippeee, yay, yahooo!  Oh and Farrah I think I have come up with your requested item.  I will do a test run this weekend since it requires me to go to the grocery.  I have to buy groceries this weekend so I am holding off….please forgive??

Since we are on the topic of winners I would like to share a winning snack with you guys today.  The wonderful Alina at Enjoy Life Foods contacted me last week with the great opportuinity of trying out the new plentils.  Which is just a fancy term for a lentil chip. 

Enjoy Life FoodsEnjoy Life Foods

I love them!!  I have been munching on a handful of them each day.  It is so wonderful to have a chip replacement 🙂

Enjoy Life Foods

I have tried all four varieties (dill & sour cream, margherita pizza, garlic & parm, sea salt)  I have to admit that they are all good!  My absolute favorite our of the four varieties would have to be the margherita pizza flavor.  Who doesn’t love a pizza flavored chip?? 

They are made with quality ingredients, free of the seven most common food allergies, and have great flavor.  I have really enjoyed many of the items made by Enjoy Life.  It is so nice to have snack options for on the go when a cooler just isn’t feasible to keep snacks from spoiling.   So I wanted to share with you guys that the new products are snackage winners in my book 🙂

I highly recommend that you try them.  Especially on a day when the hubster is driving you nuts about fried chicken, and you just really need something to crunch down on to get rid of some frustration!

**although I was provided with the above products to review, I am in no way paid for reviewing the items.  The opinions expressed are truly my own opinions of the products.**


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Who needs magazines?

My love for magazine subscriptions began years ago (we will not say how many) in high school.  What girl didn’t have Seventeen magazine come to her in the mail?  I mean it was the best way to pick out dresses for homecoming, prom, hairstyles, and lots more.

I use to be a subscription whore!  There I said it.  I admit it.  There was a point in my life when I had three to four magazine subscriptions monthly. 

As I grew older my covers changed.  I began reading Glamour and Cosmopolitan (which is still my favorite drink by the way).  Then I became addicted to food.  So I decided it was time to give Cooking Light and Bon Appetite a try.  Which I really enjoy by the way. 

Then along came my quest for clean eating and exercise.  With that came subscriptions to Clean Eating Magazine and Oxygen.  You ever want to make yourself feel fat and kill it in the gym because of that…….open an Oxygen mag!

Oh and let’s not forget the free subscription of Better Homes and Gardens that I have been getting for over a year now…..yeah that freeness turned into a subscription.  Needless to say I had to stop.  I was spending way to much money, and let’s face it you can get it all on the net now!

new camera 044

But my love for subscriptions continues.  I am down to just the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but much to the hubsters dismay I started a new subscription!

Birchbox!  What is Birchbox?  It is a subscription that brings you the best in beauty……that is their words!  For ten dollars a month you will get 4-5 beauty samples delivered right to your door.  How fun is that!!  For a product junkie like myself……it is heavenly 🙂

new camera 045

Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 4-5 beauty samples from luxury brands. Each month will include a different mix of product types, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair care. All samples are generously sized, with enough product to allow you to figure out if they’re right for you. You’ll also want to take advantage of, which is packed with all the beauty information and tips you need, including expert interviews, helpful tutorials, and fun videos.

Basically it contains sample sized products every month for you to try out.  The site has a beauty profile that you fill out when you join so the products are tailored to your profile, hand picked, and delivered to your door.  I am so excited about this!  I received my welcome box which has some really cool stuff in it:  Viva La Juicy sample, pink lip gloss sample, designer eye liner (which I can’t wait to try!!), a travel puff to help with the oil and such (this will totally be used), and some fashion tape to help with prevent those oops moments when you are out (no nipples flashing here girls!!)

new camera 049 new camera 046

new camera 047 new camera 048

You also have the option of ordering any of the full sized products from their site, which in return helps you earn member points!  They offer a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plan.  I opted for the yearly.  I tend to do that when available because I hate having to keep up with monthly billing. 

I can’t wait to see what I start getting in my actual sample boxes.  As I stated this was a welcome box so from what I have seen on other sites it was smaller than what you should expect.  There is also a little snack treat included in many of the boxes 🙂 

I will post my monthly boxes on the blog when I receive them with a review of the products used.  What better way to find new things than trying monthly samples, and I love to share with everyone things that I discover and love!  I am in no way being paid to review any of the products I receive.  As stated above this is a subscription so I have actually paid to get the products.

Hopefully you guys will get some good tips/suggestions out of this as well.  If you are interested in possibly starting your own subscription please visit the website through the link above. 

They have a “waiting list” to get the subscriptions, but it is not very long.  I think I had my invitational email within a week or so of joining the list.  I come across this site through another blog.  Which is why I love the blog world!!      


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Some days you hate it, some days you don’t….

I realize that it has been a while since I have shared a product or haul post with you guys.  Did I stop shopping?  Not in the least!  Do I hate things that I have recently purchased?  That would be a negative, but I have had my mind on other things lately so it just hasn’t been done.

Until today!  I have several products that I have purchased within the last month or so that I am totally in love with.  I know that I myself like to hear about various products in the blog world that other people are loving.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that I am going to love the same products as they do, but if a product has great reviews buy people that use it I am more apt to like it.  Which makes me happy to share such news with you guys when I find something I totally love 🙂

how gorgeous is she????  Love her!!

So let’s talk hair….I know – just as the post says, some days you hate it, some days you don’t.  I for one have a difficult time with my hair.  It is straight, fine, and of a thin to medium consistency.  Which makes for hard to handle hair.  Needless to say I am always trying various products to help me get some style.  I need volume and lots of it!!

A medium hold volumizing and maximizing spray foam weightless formula  long-lasting style retention without stiffness  apply to wet or dry hair  concentrates foam at base of hair shaft for maximum volume and lift

Aquage uplifting foam.  Love, love, love this stuff!  I was sort of skeptical to try this.  I have been let down so many times by hair products, and this lovely little can is not the cheapest product on the market.  It has some great reviews, but you never know how my hair will take to a product.  What prompted me to buy this?  Other than the fabulous reviews it can only be purchased in a salon.  Which means that if you hate it you can return it!!  I always try to purchase my higher end products from salons or Ulta stores for that reason.

You can visit the Aquage website here to read about the product and to find a salon in  your area that carries it.

Next up would be a new to me shampoo and conditioner that I am totally smitten with at the moment. 

Redken Body Full Anti-Gravity Volume Shampoo ( for Fine/ Flat Hair ) 1Redken Extreme Conditioner, 8.5 oz

Redken Body Full shampoo and Redken Extreme conditioner.  They smell wonderful and work great.  I love that the conditioner is protein fortified to help with hair health.  I use some type of heat almost daily to style my hair, which can be really hard on it.  I also color treat so I have to use good products to keep it healthy.  I am planning to purchase the protein spray and deep conditioner soon to try out since I have had luck with these two. 

*** Ulta has a sale at the moment on Redken procuts – two for $25!!**

    new camera 144 anniversary 021

 iphone pics 003mail


Which brings me back to my own hair.  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, much needed!  I have decided to go back with bangs.  I miss my bangs.  Plus with my hair being fine, long bangs are just flat on me 😦  I am also debating on going back blonde.  I do know that I want to start adding highlights back into my hair.  By the way, coloring you hair helps if it is fine, is gives it some texture.  I am just not sure how light I want to go.  What do you think??

Blonde or Brunette???


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