photo dump…..

Just a few pretty sights I have had the pleasure of enjoying this past week!!

Picture 019 

a beautiful sunset

blog photos 012

a beautiful salad

blog photos 013 

a beautiful carport/shop that we will have soon

blog photos 014

a beautiful game day necklace


What is some beautiful things you have seen lately?


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So I am on a quest to plan a spectacular 40th birthday party for the hubster.  I love planning and hosting parties; however, this one is so difficult for me!

It is not that he is a hard man to please with ridiculous expectations.  It is just that I want it to be fabulous!  He has several interests for themes, and I just can’t decide on what to do…….

Here is  a little background.  He is very much the outdoors type.  He loves fishing and hunting deer, of course football, nascar, and he loves his beer.  So here are some of the ideas floating around….

A beer tasting celebration

A 1940’s theme since he is 40

A rustic outdoors birthday party

A tigers football party

So let me also take the time to tell you now that the weekend that the hubster’s party is scheduled for is the LSU vs. Alabama game.  Which is a big deal to us since that is our number one rival.  I can’t plan for another weekend due to his work schedule, so…..I am not sure what to do??

Now your job is to weigh in on this dilemma and tell me what theme you think is the best for a 40th birthday bash!!


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Football is BACK!!

I just thought I would shout that out just in case any one missed the opening weekend, lol!

 blog photos 001    

As many of you know the hubster and I participated in our beloved Saints team’s back to football 5k Saturday morn.  It was an exciting event, and I was so happy to have such a big/important race for our first one together.  The race was sponsored by the Gleason foundation.  If any of you are die hard football fans you know that Steve Gleason was a Saint’s player that was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago.  He was best known for his game winning block of a punt at the end of our first game back in the dome after hurricane Katrina!

blog photos 002

We woke up super early Saturday morning to make our way into the city for the race.  The course started in Champion’s Square, ran through the French Quarter, and ended on the fifty yard line of the Super Dome. 

blog photos 003

We were a hot and sweaty mess afterwards, lol!  It is still well into the 90’s in Louisiana after all.  Which I could totally tell during my run.  Between the heat, humidity, and street conditions (if you have ever been in New Orleans you will understand) I didn’t finish as well as I would have like, but I am still pleased with the results.  I had to stop and walk several times for the above reasons affecting my breathing, feet, and ankles.  My finishing time was 34:10, and the hubster’s was 24:42!  I was very jealous excited for him. 

He has only been running for about three months now, since I asked him to participate in the race with me, and when we started he could barely make it the two miles with me that I normally run around our university’s campus.  As you can tell by now he leaves me in the dust, lol!  I was very happy for him 🙂

blog photos 005

Nothing in New Orleans is complete without a tailgate party!  We stayed in Champion’s Square for several hours after the race to enjoy some beer, food, and music.  Of course we knew this would be going on so we were smart enough to reserve a hotel room for the night and just enjoy our time together.  We ate lots of yummy food, drank a little too much beer, and just had a blast New Orleans style!  Here is to football season 🙂

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A Stitch Fix Win

So most of you guys have been reading the blog long enough to know that I have a monthly subscription to a personal online styling service, Stitchfix!

I love what this service offers.  For those unfamiliar with it, you go to their website, fill out a very detailed style profile, and for a 20$ fee they have a stylist pick 5 items to ship to you at home.  Four of the items are clothing, while one may or may not be jewelry/accessory.  Once your box arrives you get to try on your items in the comfort of your home to decide which items will work for you.  Once your choices are made you go online to check off the items you are keeping, place the items to return in a pre-paid shipping bag, and drop it off.  That simple!  Oh and your 20$ styling fee?……it comes off of the final price of your invoice so you really do not loose money!

I have raved about my love for the service several times already.  This month was great!  It is the first box from the service in which I have kept all five items – giving me the chance to use my savings for purchasing the entire box 🙂

blog photos 005 

I usually always keep the jewelty item that is sent in the box.  I mean let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t like jewelry??  Such a cute and different bracelet.

 blog photos 003 

I was excited to see this top in my fix.  Most of the items I get are usually a little on the “dressier” side.  I was excited to see a more casual piece this month.

blog photos 002

I wasn’t sure when I first saw this shirt if I would like it or not.  Of course once I tried it on it was too adorable.  I love the “lace” detail on the top/back. 

blog photos 004

This one by far was my favorite item in the box.  I love flowing type tops, and I also love things that are different colors.

blog photos 001

This is the one item that I was going to return at first.  The only reason for that was because it was a little too tight on me.  I also know that is because of the weight/inches gained in the past several months, but who wants to spend money on something they aren’t comfortable in?  The only reason I kept it was because sending it back would only save me like 8$$!!  You get a percentage off for keeping all items in the box, so returning this skirt voids the discount making the totally difference on eight bucks.  So I decided to keep it for 8$, and I am sure once my body gets back on track it will fit fine.  It is an awesome skirt after all!

I really loved this pattern on this skirt.  It is totally different than anything that I would normally buy for myself.  Which is one of the main reasons that I love the service.  All of the items I have kept from them are things that I wouldn’t have even tried on much less purchased has I been shopping in a store.  That and they are so different from most things you can find in stores 🙂

This one was a total win!!!


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Preparation is Key

So what crazy person goes on hiatus for a summer, doesn’t watch her diet, doesn’t follow a routine for exercising, and still decided it is a-okay to enter a 5K??

This one!  Now let’s be clear on a few pointers.  I have known since last year that I would participate in the Saints back to football 5k.  I have known when the race was scheduled (we are registered after all) for at least a full month now.  Which means that I have spent at least a minimum of two days running per week.  But it wasn’t my best 😦

It is so hard to run in LA this time of year due to the heat and humidity.  Even on a “cool” day the humidity still makes it really difficult to breathe.  I have also been doing more intervals of run/walk instead of just plain old running.  Sadly I have gone from busting gout my four miles to barley making it two.  Darn LA conditions. 

We do have an indoor track at our gym, but sadly I hate it!  It is an 1/8 of a mile track that circles above the basketball courts.  It is suppose to imitate road conditions…’s just plain bumpy!  I hate the sharp curves to turn, and let’s face it —— it’s boring!  So I haven’t been motivated to run. 

So I am running Saturday morn.  In a 5K.  In the French quarter streets (some of you understand the “street” conditions), in August!  Yes I am crazy, and yes they lure us with beer and bands, lol!!  You know there has to be a party after—it is NOLA after all!

So I am trying to get in as much activity this week as possible.  I am really paying attention to hydration, and buying the rights foods/drinks for me for the weekend.  My go to race breakfast is toast w/ peanut butter and banana.  I also like to drink coconut water before the race for the electrolytes.  I am also hoping to possibly attend the yoga class at my gym this week.  I have always wanted to start a practice.  Usually the class is scheduled late so it is difficult for me to attend.  This semester it is for 5:30 which is great for me!  I am hoping to get started soon.  However, I work out at a university gym so the classes fill up very quickly for the first few weeks with all the newbies.  It will slowly start dwindling down, but hopefully I can get in Wednesday!!

What do you do to prepare for races??

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Inspiration Needed!!

Here are some of my favorite blogs!  They offer honesty, humor, inspiration, and food……who doesn’t love to read about those things?

Clean Eating Chelsey

 Eat, Live, Run

Espresso and Cream

Fairy Healthy Life

I ❤ Vegetables

Life As Lauren

Lawfully Wedded Wife

Oh She Glows

Peas and Crayons

Peas and Thank You

Simply Be Me

The Diva Dish

The Fitnessista

The Vegetable Life

Blueberry Smiles

Jessie Loves To Run

So where am I going with this?  Well, I have to be honest with you guys.  I have really let myself “go” this summer.  By go I mean slacked in all things; exercise, eating, healthy habits, and my spirituality. 

Of course it is very common to fall of the path you travel, the important thing is to get back on the path that keeps you happy so you can continue to thrive and grow in life.  Sadly I did this, and sometimes it takes a swift kick to get back going.  Like gaining 10 lbs, or having your baby ask to go back to church…….yeah sad I know 😦

So I am asking you guys to share some of your favorite blogs to read to help get this girl going again!!


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I’ve stayed away too long….

*bonus points for anyone who can name the song that lyric is from!

Well hello my friends!  How are all of you today?  I guess I should ask how all of you have been for the past month or so…..

Yep, my last post on here was July 9th!  I decided to take a break from the blog to spend the remaining time of our summer break with my kiddos, and spent that time focusing on my family, house projects, vacations, etc.  If you guys follow me on Instagram then you should know what I have been up to.

My intentions were to come back around the first of August, but let’s be honest, I knew that wouldn’t happen with the start of school!  I am back now, refreshed (not really school/work is exhausting), excited, and 10lbs heavier from all our summer fun, lol 🙂

Now is the time to get things back in focus.  Work, routines, diet, exercise, and of course my spiritual health all need my return to reality at this moment.  So here is to the return of the crazy adventures of my life…………I’m excited to be back!!


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Let’s talk cake

I have been a little absent from the blog lately…….for various reasons. Kids, summer fun, no net service, work, etc. The list goes on. I would like to make it up to you. In the form of cake!

Now I can't give you cake, they have made the transfer then Internet option available…….yet. However, I can give you a recipe for the tastiest, easiest summertime cake ever!


  • 1 box white cake mix
  • 1 can crime of coconut (ya know up piña colada stuff)
  • 1 container of whipped cream
  • 1-2 cups shredded coconut
  1. Mix cake according to box directions and bake……while this is going on open can of cream of coconut and mix well.
  2. When cake is baked use a fork to “punch” holes all,over the top…..I do mean all over!
  3. Pour the can of cream of coconut over the cake (or two cans if you really feel feisty).
  4. Place in fridge to cool completely.
  5. Mix cool whip and shredded coconut together, spread on top of cake and serve!

That is it! Easy, tasty, and totally addictive!!




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No Wifi :(

I have no Internet at my house currently so no WIAW post today. I am literally typing this in my 5 minute break at work. So instead I give you three things I am loving now……..

Dill havarti cheese
My homemade millet granola on top of sweet potato, topped with coconut milk!

My new sink!! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook…… saw my pic of my hole


It went down a couple of weeks ago. Here is a before………


And here is after…….


I am a happy, happy girl!


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How to Appreciate Summer…

I had the absolute honor of celebrating the beautiful marriage of one of my dear friends Friday night! She was so beautiful 🙂

I appreciate the fact that I was off from work that day and could take part in the bridal party dressing.

It was a beautiful reception complete with wonderful foods and a full bar. That I must admit I visited probably one too many times that night.

Now today I am typing this out as I eat my breakfast before leaving for work. I have a full week of PRN at the nursing home this week. Complete with several 8 hour days……oh boy how I appreciate appreciate summer!

So the hubster is in charge of dinner for a few days. I finally have I'm getting onto the healthy lifestyle train with me, more on that later!

So no menu plans this week. Only work plans. But the. Again I haven't had a menu p,an for a while now with summer being in full swing. Being home daily makes throwing dinner together much easier, and well with so much fresh produce available we eat depending on what mama sends to me so it doesn't spoil, lol!

So have a wonderful Monday my friends, be thankful and appreciate the gifts that are give to you in life. Like a job, beautiful friends, a hubster that cooks, and of course SUMMER!!


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