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So I am on a quest to plan a spectacular 40th birthday party for the hubster.  I love planning and hosting parties; however, this one is so difficult for me!

It is not that he is a hard man to please with ridiculous expectations.  It is just that I want it to be fabulous!  He has several interests for themes, and I just can’t decide on what to do…….

Here is  a little background.  He is very much the outdoors type.  He loves fishing and hunting deer, of course football, nascar, and he loves his beer.  So here are some of the ideas floating around….

A beer tasting celebration

A 1940’s theme since he is 40

A rustic outdoors birthday party

A tigers football party

So let me also take the time to tell you now that the weekend that the hubster’s party is scheduled for is the LSU vs. Alabama game.  Which is a big deal to us since that is our number one rival.  I can’t plan for another weekend due to his work schedule, so…..I am not sure what to do??

Now your job is to weigh in on this dilemma and tell me what theme you think is the best for a 40th birthday bash!!



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It’s My Birthday!!

That’s right folks, today is my birthday!  Which is why my weekend recap is coming at you today 🙂

We had a lovely birthday weekend to celebrate the occasion.  Complete with date night, friends night, and lot’s of goodies.

But of course we must talk about the most important thing of all…….

 blog photos 005

The Gifts!  I wanted several things from Express so I opted to order a nice little package for the hubster.  Yes we order our own personal gifts.  It is just to hard to buy/surprise each other.  Now don’t frown yet we always do a card/small gift for each other.  So I had a beautiful card this morning and a PJ’s coffee house gift card 🙂

blog photos 009

Love their packaging!  In the box – belt, two necklaces, and a lovely top to go with my Club Monaco leggings.

blog photos 008   blog photos 014 blog photos 017 

blog photos 024

  blog photos 044 blog photos 045

The hubster and I for date night 🙂

blog photos 041

Oh and my own personal little treat to myself – House of Harlow!

Now for the important part – the food!  We went to a lovely restaurant in a small city close to us.  It was fantastic!  So worth the short drive, exceeded my expectations, oh and to make things even better I signed up for their birthday club (thanks to my mom-n-law for the info), and I had a birthday certificate for 24$ emailed to me.  #lovefreefood

blog photos 047

Pomegranate martini and side (um yeah this was totally a dinner size plate) salad!  The dressing is a house specialty, hot pepper jelly vinaigrette.  Phenomenal!!

blog photos 048 blog photos 049

For my entree I went with the stuffed shrimp and grilled asparagus.  Now I knew I would regret this because of the gluten content, but I decided to live dangerously since it was my bday!

 blog photos 050

We were too stuffed by that point for dessert so we skipped it.  Oh and we both came home with a box of food left over.  The hubster went with rib eye steak which was so juicy, tender, and mouthwatering!  Made me wish I had ordered it!

So Saturday night was the big LSU game, which meant fun with friends!  We were all dressed in our purple and gold ready to cheer them on.  Too bad they practically gave the game away in the second half!

 blog photos 051  blog photos 053

The  bestie and I at our friends house before the game!  I had to pose with my wine glass that she bought for me.  I wish I would have thought to take an up close pic of it 😦  It has all things that I love on it like lipstick, shoes, sun glasses, it is pink, and it says Divalicious!  Loved this shirt.  I happened to walk into target about four hours before the game that night and found this hanging on one of the racks they had just rolled out to stock clothing.  It was perfect for game night.  I paired it with my J Brand skinnies, gold jewlery, and some gold sandals 🙂

blog photos 052

Then at halftime I was surprised with a birthday cake!  Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate of course!  My bestie know what I like. 

blog photos 054

My lovely friend even let me use her precious babies 1st  birthday candle! 

Just the girls!

blog photos 064

So it was a funtabulous birthday weekend.  Of course I have had several lovely cards given to me today, along with a few gifts, but I do not have pics of those yet 😦  I will post some tomorrow for a bday update! 


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I’m Tired


I just had to put that out there first thing today.  Both of my football teams won this weekend 🙂

The LSU vs. Alabama game was intense on Saturday night.  The final score was 9 to 6, in overtime, won by a field goal!  Like literally not a touchdown was made by either team all night.  The score stayed basically tied for the entire game, and we didn’t even have a score on the board until the second quarter!  It was an awesome game, nail bitter til the end.  Of course after several jello shots you probably shouldn’t try to bite your nails.  Because you will inevitably bite your finger instead.  Just sayin!

But I did win 25 buckaroos on the football board 🙂

We kicked off the birthday weekend with a trip to Olive Garden on Friday night.  It was wonderful.  I love Olive Garden….or wait the food it good, but I guess I should say I love the blush wine.  That is truly why I chose to go there after all 🙂

I enjoyed a dish of Portobello ravioli with salad, breadsticks, and tiramisu.  Gotta have dessert for your birthday!  Oh and I enjoyed  several glasses of the blush wine as well 🙂

Saturday night was spent with some great friends watching a great game.  There was an abundance of food at the gathering.  It was a pig roast with lots of sides and treats.  Oh and jello was consumed as well 🙂

Sunday was spent sleeping in, taking aspirin, eating gumbo, and watching more football with more great friends.  It was a fun filled weekend.  The boys gave me a gift card to PJ’s coffee, which is a local coffee house where I live!

I didn’t have any photos to share with you from the weekend.  I simply just didn’t take the camera with me.  Sometimes you just need to enjoy the good time without stressing over getting the best pics possible for a blog post, do you understand? 

So I am very tired today.  I think maybe still a little…ahem….foggy if you know what I mean 🙂  But it was a great time!!


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Celebrate in style

So how does one celebrate a blog’s one-year anniversary/birthday……um whatever you want to call it.  For the sake of this post we are going to call it a birthday 🙂

Why you kick it off with an awesome giveaway of all of your favorites.  If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, what are you waiting for.  Follow the link and get you entry on!

  072011 315  

Then you enjoy a wonderful bowl of chili.  Not your regular chili, oh no.  A nice big pot of chicken & white bean chili, compliments of the lovely Giada DeLaurentiis.  You can follow this link for the recipe.  I followed it with only two changes – veggie broth since I didn’t have chicken, and kale in place of the swiss chard.  Served with chips and cheese 🙂

072011 318

Then you have a slice of birthday cake – pumpkin gingerbread w/ cream cheese frosting…..why yes, thank you!  You can follow this link for the recipe.  It is my gingerbread cake recipe, but instead of using applesauce – I used pumpkin.  Then I added the cream cheese frosting…..I’m a happy girl!

072011 316072011 317

I decided to show you two more photos just for the sake of making you want to cook both items and celebrate with me.  It’s ok that you are a day behind…..really!  I totally celebrate things for like a whole week!!

Now a party wouldn’t be complete without a few gifts right?  Yeah I agree!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s haul post to see what I treated myself to for the blog birthday 🙂


p.s. – in all the excitement yesterday I forgot to list the second bonus entry for the giveaway…..yeah I am truly a blonde!  So for another bonus entry – tweet about the giveaway, but remember to leave me a comment letting me know that you did this as well 🙂

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Birthday Success

We had a fantabulous day yesterday, thanks for all the birthday wishes!

112010 095

Kohl now thinks he is a star, after all he did make it on the internet.  Thankfully he is too young to understand, which means I do not have to worry about any future embarrassments to land him in the virtual world.  But just in case he does try to land in the news anytime soon, someone please remind him that some things have already been claimed.  Please!  I will be too busy drowning myself in wine due to the embarrassments. 

Just remind him that showing underwear is so yesterday – thankfully he still wears cartoon characters so if he shows his underwear – they’re cute! 


Both boys have summer birthdays so our tradition is to have a small celebration  the day off, and we have one party for the two of them in between both birthdates. 

   112010 090    

We started our afternoon off with a little fun in the kitchen.  Kohl was super excited to help make his birthday dinner.  We have a tradition in the Helen, Naturally household of choosing your birthday dinner.  Kohl gets to make a choice when given options.  You have to have a level of control with him.  Because if you do not then you will be having boiled crabs.  Not that there is anything wrong with boiled crabs, they are just a little pricey for a 5th b-day celebration.  What, you’re laughing??  I’ll remind you of that when your very own child is requesting boiled crabs!

So his choice of dinner was……spaghetti!  He loves spaghetti & meatballs.  I was super excited with his choice because I was able to incorporate some of my favorites into this as well.  I had a lovely eggplant that really needed to be cooked so I made eggplant parmesan.

112010 094

Another one of Kohl’s favorite things to eat would be deviled eggs, so they made it to the table as well!  Now for the star of the night….

112010 092

Fried Green Tomatoes!  We love fried green tomatoes.  Which you can also serve the same as the eggplant with a pasta dish!  I just made my version a little healthier by pan frying as opposed to deep frying, and I used a good light olive oil to cook them in.  By adding just enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan, it makes this more like sautéing as opposed to frying.

  • green tomatoes
  • 1/2c unbleached all purpose flour
  • 1/8c corn meal
  • salt & pepper
  • butter milk
  • olive oil

Heat olive oil (or oil of choice) in a pan.  Be careful to keep the oil hot but not to hot so you will not burn the tomatoes.  Slice the tomatoes in 1/2 inch thick slices.  Soak them in the buttermilk for a few minutes while mixing the flour, cornmeal, and seasoning.  Roll the tomato slices in the flour mixture until coated well, place in pan and cook until golden brown.

112010 091

Love, love, love fried green tomatoes 🙂

112010 093

Many people are afraid to eat these but I promise they are tasty.  You should really try them out for yourself!

112010 084112010 085

After dinner we moved on to cake & ice cream.  Is that not the cutest, smallest cake ever!  It was the perfect size for our family.  We each enjoyed a slice of cake with a scoop of banana pudding ice cream.  Yes, my child requested banana ice cream for his birthday!  Of course the remaining time was spent playing, reading, watching t.v., and just enjoying time spent with the birthday boy 🙂


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