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The Power of Addiction

What is addiction? Simply put it is intensely craving something, loss of control over the use of it, and continuing the consumption/use despite the consequences. There are oh so many things in life that one can be addicted to. Anything ranging from actual substances, to actions, and even to material things.....think hoarders. Today I am… Continue reading The Power of Addiction

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I Can Make You Sweat….

OK be honest, how many of you just starting breaking down to..... "Girl I bet I can make you sweat"?? Seriously, how many? Because as I was thinking about this post and the title I totally started the cheesy song and dance routine! Now while this post doesn't really have anything to do with bedroom… Continue reading I Can Make You Sweat….

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Breakfast – Worth it!

Let’s talk breakfast for a few moments shall we! I love breakfast.  It is by far my favorite meal of the day.  Not to mention the most important meal of the day. I wasn’t always a breakfast person.  My morning use to consist of a cup of coffee.  That’s it!  Okay, okay two cups actually. … Continue reading Breakfast – Worth it!

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I have posted in the past on how I am often questioned about my eating habits.  For some reason people think that “clean eaters” are weird eaters.  I have often tried to defend my eating habits as normal. But I have to admit that my eating habits are not normal.  Sure they are normal to… Continue reading BLTs

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My Journey

Today’s post is taking on a more serious tone that the usual.  I hope that you will take the time to read through the post and really consider my words.  Several of my readers will know this information (fellow bloggers) because you have the same basic principles.  For those of you that aren’t as familiar,… Continue reading My Journey

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baking…for relief

This morning started off as any usual Saturday morning for me.  I was up around 6:00 a.m. and wishing that for once I could have slept in a little later.  After years of working and having the two boy I can’t seem to sleep past this time unless I am out and awake extremely late. … Continue reading baking…for relief

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time flies when….

There are moments when I wish that I could make time slow down.  Today I have had several of those moments.  A wonderful afternoon of baking/cooking, and a wonderful family "date" 😉    I not only like Saturday & Sunday because they are the days of the weekend.  I also like them because I have time to spend in my… Continue reading time flies when….