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Random Eats

Hello my wonderful friends, how is your week going?  Mine is hectic as usual.  There are times when I sit and wonder what life would be like if my schedule wasn’t so hectic, I must say the thought is kind of frightening! But today is what I ate Wednesday, which will show you randomness from… Continue reading Random Eats

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Where did January go?!

Wow, on month into 2013 already!  It is amazing that time can pass so quickly as an adult.  I can remember thinking that the school year took forever to end! Of course working for the system I still love summers since I am home with my kiddos everyday, but the adult in me just can’t… Continue reading Where did January go?!

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WIAW; is it a rumor??

It is still gloomy in my little corner of the world today.  My body is officially in sleep mode.  I am serious!  I really think that I feel so unmotivated to get up and go because I haven’t seen the sun in 9…….yep 9 whole days!!!!! Rumor has it it will be sunny tomorrow.  Rumor… Continue reading WIAW; is it a rumor??

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Two for Tuesday

So I have really enjoyed sharing a two for Tuesday with you guys lately.  Motivation is just awesome!  As a person that always looks for motivational things for health/fitness to share with my friends for motivation, I naturally want to share them with my online friends as well.  So in other words expect to see… Continue reading Two for Tuesday

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Songs about rain…..

It’s raining here.  It has been raining here for a week.  I am not kidding, no exaggeration!  RAIN FOR A WEEK!! Now it’s not only raining but cold too.  I can deal with cold.  I can deal with SOME rain.  I cannot deal with a WEEK of rain and cold at the same time! PLEASE… Continue reading Songs about rain…..

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I Can Make You Sweat….

OK be honest, how many of you just starting breaking down to..... "Girl I bet I can make you sweat"?? Seriously, how many? Because as I was thinking about this post and the title I totally started the cheesy song and dance routine! Now while this post doesn't really have anything to do with bedroom… Continue reading I Can Make You Sweat….

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WIAW – Getting it back

So I bet you guys are graciously throwing yourselves back into old eating habits, doing cleansing, and trying to get back on track after all of the holiday festivities, right? Ok be honest, raise your hand if the above applies to you! ( imagine a crazy blonde lady standing next to you with both arms… Continue reading WIAW – Getting it back