Bad habits…..

I have developed several bad habits over the course of my summer break.  Ok, ok I have to be honest not developed since I have always had the same habits, but I have simply worsened those habits.  Indulging in them way more frequently that I should.  With no end in site!

What habits am I talking about?  Let’s take a look shall we…………..

EATING.  Simple act that is needed for life.  We must eat to live.  Lately I haven’t been eating to live I have been living to eat.  EVERYTHING!  From desserts to packaged snacks to rich foods to fried foods to ice cream to hot dogs to …….yeah you get the idea.  I have had so many activities this summer that my diet and body is full of so much crap!  I have also done a ridiculous amount of eating out and fast food runs.  Way more than the norm, and boy can my body tell it – both internally and externally. 

DRINKING.  Yes we have to drink to live as well.  I am very aware of that!  I still go through at least three bottles of water per day.  I know I should get a little more in.  At times I do.  But that is not the drinking I am referring to.  I am talking wine.  Lots of wine.  I am talking beer.   Lot’s of beer.  I am talking martini’s (the dirty ones), and mixed drinks, and sake, and …..yeah you get the idea.  I am drinking some type of alcoholic beverage at least three times per week.  Unfortunately I am not talking about a glass of wine or one beer.  I am talking multiple glasses and multiple beers 😦

SHOPPING.  Yeah I know!  Why complain about shopping, it is a better habit right?  Wrong!  Especially when you have to live on a paid only once per month budget.  When you have house, husband, and two kids.  When you have a wonderful vacation coming up (some shopping is for this purpose so I consider it excusable)!!  Why shopping so much?  I am bored.  It is that simple.  I sit here and decide I need to surf the web, come across something I really want, and I order it.  Or I run to town to pick up something at the store, only to venture into the store that is located next door.  Therefore spending way more money than I should! 

I need to work!  Honestly I do!!!  One would think that these words would never come out of a school employees mouth during the summer, but I know that if school was in session all of the above habits will improve.  I would be at work instead of sitting at home doing online shopping out of boredom.  I would be packing delicious lunches with me (and snacks) since you can’t leave work to eat very often so food would be healthier.  I wouldn’t be eating out.  I wouldn’t be drinking multiple times a week due to all parties, gatherings, activities not going on.  Seriously I need to work!

So why am I putting this out there?  I don’t know, I just needed to vent.  On a good note I am in week three of the C25K plan, and I am registering to run a 5k in September.  I am slowly easing my way back into the gym and weights.  I am hoping to start some group exercise classes, and hopefully I can quickly get things back on track! 

Thanks for letting me vent 🙂



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3 responses to “Bad habits…..

  1. I am on the same boat with you shopping wise. Its so hard when you’re bored and so are the kids. I suggest getting a plan together to at least be ready for the weekdays. Then enjoy your weekend.

  2. Oops, we all fall off the wagon sometimes. And I’m sure it’s easy to do when you’re off for the summer. I’m sure you will find a way to find the balance between health and indulgence again 🙂

  3. When my routine gets mixed up, I find it REALLY hard to stay on track, so I’ sure summer is much harder for you!!! Hang in there. You’ll get back on track in no time!

    And feel free to vent anytime 😉

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