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Simple Suppers

I am not sure about you, but I love simplicity in my day to day life!  Sure I spend more time on the weekends with clothing, makeup, meals, etc. – BUT – during the week I like to keep things in life as simple as possible.

When I am finished with a busy work day followed by gym time, spending hours in the kitchen to prepare food is not what I want to do.  I am usually starving by the time I finish a workout.  Which means that I want my food to ready in a snap!  Sure it is so easy to run through a drive through, pick up an order, or even grab something quick and easy in the grocery…..but let’s be real – how healthy is that?  I have several go to options that I like to keep things simple while also being healthy and tasty.

One thing I really rely on weekly are what we call bowl meals.  Most everyone has heard of this, but I am talking beyond salads/soups/chili.  I am talking about literally just throwing what is available into a bowl.  I always make sure that each bowl contains all three required nutrients – protein, carbs, and healthy fats.  It is not unusual to place meat of choice, grain of choice, and roasted veggies into a bowl then top with seasonings, oil/avocado, or a sauce.  I stir it all together and dig in!

So a few of my weekly staples that I like to have on hand include:

Ground Beef – saute with salt, pepper, onion, and garlic.  Grilled/Roasted Chicken – drizzle with an oil and add seasoning.  Grilled roasted fish/shrimp – again just drizzle with oil and seasoning.  Cook a batch of each on Sunday’s to place in the fridge – from here you can reheat with any seasoning/sauces you would like.  So what are the options for this?

  • tacos/burritos
  • salads
  • pasta/sauce
  • stir fry
  • mixed with roasted veggies
  • on top of toast

Some other items I like to have on hand in the fridge weekly include roasted veggies, rice/quinoa cooked in broth, boiled eggs, raw veggies, greens for salads, tuna, olives, deli meats, and variety of cheeses.

Because let’s be honest – sometimes a cheese board is dinner!




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Waste Nothing

In an attempt to better myself I have been working hard to clean up my diet.  If you are a long time reader, you know that I was a big clean eating advocate.  After all that is what the start of the blog was based on.  However, life happened!  Job changes, schedule changes, babies turning into teenagers…..all the things that make slipping into old, yucky habits resurface!

So I went back in my archives, re-read some books that I had from the start of my journey long ago, and made my plan to become a healthier version of me.  Let’s be honest it all has to start with a plan.  As the saying goes – “If you fail to plan, plan to fail”.  Part of the planning process is writing out a menu, deciding what snacks will be needed for the week, and making your grocery list.  Without that list anything and everything will end up in the cart!

Now to make life easier I try to stick with the same breakfast for several days.  This is so I can pre-cook it to save time in the mornings.  I also have to eat pretty early in order to make my 3 hour between meals work with my scheduled lunch break at school.  Having breakfast in the refrigerator is key to my 5:15 meal time!


One of my favorite go to breakfasts is the breakfast bowl.  No not the one you get a Waffle House with eggs, hash browns, cheese, etc.  A much healthier version.  The varieties for this is endless.  Choose a meat, choose a veggie, and put that on a bed of greens!  I tend to stick with ground sausage, but you can use links as well.  Eggs are also a great addition if you eat them.  Veggie options are endless, but I will tell you know that sweet potatoes are my favorite, and of course you can add any toppings/sauces that you wish.


For this week’s bowls broccoli is on the menu.  I purchased a couple heads of broccoli to roast for dinner one night, and in keeping with my simplifying life attitude you waste nothing.  What do I mean?  Do not throw those broccoli stalks away!  Oh no, those stalks are good and nutritious!    So use them in other dishes like sautés, soups, and slaws!


You will need to cut the ends off.  They are kind of like asparagus, the very end of the stalk is tough and nasty.  Slice the stalk at the point of tenderness – in other words do not force the cut.  If your knife doesn’t cut through easily, then cut that baby a little higher.  Once you get the ends off take a vegetable peeler and give them a once over…..then chop, steam, or process.  Also makes a great broccoli rice J

  • Broccoli stalks (2)
  • Turkey sausage (ground)
  • Spinach & Arugula mix
  • Ghee
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Once my stems were chopped I placed them in a pan with some ghee, salt, and pepper.  Gave them a little sauté, added my pre-cooked ground turkey sausage, then divided the mixture into separate bowl on top of a spinach and arugula mix (my fav).  When I wake up in the morning I pop the bowl in the microwave, which steams the greens, and breakfast is ready in 1.5 minutes.  You can’t get any easier than that!

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The Price for Health

Good Monday morning to you all!  I am praying that you have had a great weekend, and will have an even greater week 🙂  This mornings post was suppose to be all about weekly meal prep, but I just need a moment……..

I would like to just rant a little bit this morning if you can bear with me.  Getting myself back on track is top priority for me, which means I spent some time this weekend grocery shopping and prepping for the week ahead.  So with my handy-dandy list in hand I hit the stores.  I will tell you that I prefer to do my shopping at Trader Joe’s/Fresh Market so I can get organic produce, but both stores are a 30 minute drive from me in opposite directions.  This weekend was super packed with events so I had to make do with our local Wal-Mart & our local produce market.  Which by the way I shop from very often because it is locally grown!


So this is what my shopping trip looked like.  I spent a total of 130$ on this!  I was appalled at how much it cost me to feed my family healthier foods (please excuse the pancake syrup & fruity pebbles, you can only take so much from children at one time) compared to what we could spend to eat from a box.  Just to give an example a box/frozen meal would cost me about two bucks……I pay at least three buckaroos for just one vegetable!  It makes me so sad when I look at this picture.  This is why so many of us are sick and/or have weight problems.  This pic doesn’t really contain meats that I am blessed to already have available.  It is strictly produce and staple items that we buy every week.  It is so much cheaper to eat crappy food, and many Americans can’t afford to pay this much for so little 😦 

side note:  yes I have always been aware that it is more expensive to eat healthy, but I have never really paid attention to it per say because I was raised on fresh foods so I have always had them.  Now that I am trying to budget my groceries more to incorporate organic meats/produce in our diet, I realize just how much it cost.  Most people do not have access to a family garden 😦

So today I am urging you to encourage people to buy produce.  Even if they can’t buy organic, regular produce is still better than none at all!  Oh and if you have access to fresh produce/meats/eggs via gardens and such…….I encourage you to share with someone who doesn’t have access to one.  I always share fresh produce/eggs that I get from my parents with my in laws & friends.  It may only be enough for one meal, but at least it is one meal that it a little healthier for them!


I also encourage you to buy frozen veggies if you can’t afford the fresh produce.  They are priced a little cheaper, especially if you buy your stores brand.  Most frozen veggies are frozen at the peak of ripeness so they are pretty tasty when steamed and a little seasoning sprinkled on top.

** Thanks for letting me rant a little this morning!  I will not continue with a super long post, and will save my meal prep post for tomorrow.  I was just really saddened by this reality and needed to get it off of my chest.  If you have advice or tips about this situation I would love for you to leave a comment.  You never know, your tip could be passed on by me to a friend that could really use it!**

1.  do you have to shop on a budget?

2.  what tips do you have for saving money on healthy foods?

3.  what item do you shell out big bucks for that you just can’t go without?  For me it is almond butter and chia seeds!

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